Kenyan Socialite Huddah Monroe tells ladies to avoid sleeping with poor men

Kenyan Socialite Huddah Monroe tells ladies to avoid sleeping with poor men

- Huddah, a Kenyan socialite, has advised ladies not to sleep with poor men

- The socialite claimed that for a woman to be rich, she has to make love to rich men only

- This is not Huddah's first when it comes to showing a strong aversion to sleeping with poor men

Kenyan socialite and entrepreneur Huddah Monroe has embarked on a mission to help ladies stay woke. She strongly advised them to do away with poor men if they wanted success.

Huddah claimed if a woman wanted to end up with a rich hubby, then she should only sleep with only rich people as it is only then she can have the potential of marrying one.

She said this while addressing a female fan on Instagram. The lady who was intent on getting a success tip from the socialite slid into the Instagram direct message of the beautiful celebrity and she got just what she asked for.

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According to the Boss lady, if women sleep with poor people, then that is where they will end up:

''Money or Love,'' her fan asked.

Without mincing her words, the petite but hot socialite shared her two cents and felt so proud about it, judging by the screenshot of the same convo she shared on her Instagram live stories.

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Huddah gave this epic response to her fan:"No, in life you choose your own destiny meaning you dictate where you want to end up. If you sleep with a Kibra man you’ll end up in Kibra. If you sleep with a king you will end up in a Palace. Don’t let your emotions confuse where you want to go.''

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This is not the first time the socialite publicly championed the notion that that women should either struggle and be who they want by themselves, or just give it all up and get rich lovers.

The lady herself has sworn several times that she can never find herself dating a broke person.

Well, with that said, I guess every man needs to go chase money or end up being a bachelor forever, at least according to Huddah's standards.

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