6 signature pieces that make Wizkid stand out as a fashion icon (photos)

6 signature pieces that make Wizkid stand out as a fashion icon (photos)

Popular musician Wizkid has made a strong fashion statement for himself with the signature costumes that he wears on stage and in every other secular activity. These uniquely designed pieces are gaining momentum not only in the music industry, but also in the world of fashion.

Although Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun popularly referred to as Wizkid started singing and recording songs as far back as when he was 11, he only started having credence as a musician in 2010, when he released “Holla at your Boy”. At that time, he was mostly identified with a T-shirt and a denim trouser that demeaned his status as a renowned singer.

But even at that time, it was easy to see traces of uniqueness in his dress sense. Normally, the young Wizkid took to making impressions on his T-shirts and sweaters. However, it was rarely defined.

The fashion evolution of Wizkid took a different turn only recently. The young Nigerian musician who has been making successful efforts at taking his music to different frontiers of the world thought it best to take his dress style to another level alongside his musical career.

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This dramatic turn in his entire costume has stood him out in the entertainment industry and has also been noticed in the world of fashion.

Here are six signature pieces that has stood Wizkid out and created a buzz in the fashion industry

1. Star boy capsule

On the top of the list is Wizkid's recent Star boy collection. The collection which is inspired by his nickname and the logo which has rose to prominence. The Star boy design comes in different varieties and has been incorporated into other types of attires.

Apart from the fact that the signature piece is gaining credence among Nigerian youths who have taken to imprinting the design on their T-shirts, it is also attracting the attention of the fashion gurus. Only recently, Wizkid announced that he is partnering with Nike to make to make a brand out of this fashion statement.

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2. Made in Lagos

Ever seen a large sweater, poncho or hoodie with Made in Lagos boldly written at its back? Well, that solely is Wizkid's hallmark. Tiwa Savage a colleague of the singer took to wearing this statement piece as it stands out significantly.

3. Gucci Gang

It is a known fact that Wizkid is a fan of the Gucci house. He is never far from the glitz and shiny black costume that equally dazzles his fans. Added to the whole Gucci wear is the mask that is becoming more famous by the day.

Only recently, Wizkid walked down the aisle of a Gucci fashion show alongside Naomi Campbell. Indeed, his superb fashion choice is going places.

4. Michael Jackson impression

So, you've been wondering about who the role model of the international act might be when it comes to fashion and dress sense? Well, one might never know those on his long list but if nothing else, Michael Jackson features on the top of this list.

Many a time, Daddy Yo has been known to imitate the music legend when it comes to costume. The silver lined clothes, the excessively embroidered suits and pants of Michael Jackson has featured in his collection.

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5. Headscarves and Berets

Wizkid loves to wear berets. And no kidding, he wears it well. This beret trend was introduced in his hit song Malo Malo where he featured Tiwa Savage. The red beret he wore in the music video has inspired many more statement pieces in his collection.

6. Tracksuit

No one wears a tracksuit better than Wizkid. Be it jean or silky fabric, the popular musician rocks the sporty cloth any day, any time.

No doubt, Wizkid is on fire when it comes to carving out a signature for himself in the world of fashion. He has shown that he does not just want to be relevant in the music industry but in every other field of life.

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