Posthumous 60th birthday of music legend: Why Nigerians can't get enough of Michael Jackson

Posthumous 60th birthday of music legend: Why Nigerians can't get enough of Michael Jackson

The posthumous 60th birthday of music legend Michael Jackson is being celebrated all over the world on Wednesday, August 29, 2018. Indeed, a lot of his fans are still unable to get over his death. Nigerians are no exception to the huge number of folks that will never stop seeing the King of Pop as a hero.

For a lot of reasons, Michael Jackson is dear to the hearts of many Nigerians. No doubt, before his death in 2009, Nigeria boomed with his music, his lyrics and many other people virtually breathed in the sound of him.

And then, when he died, a stone cold silence swept through the country so that for a lot of days, a hushed quietness breezed through the lives of the populace, especially the youths and hippies who had grown used to rocking his amazing songs and dance steps in their schools, clubs and parties.

That hush hush that came with the death of the Thriller crooner is still hanging in the air till date (nobody talks about him without having a glint of sadness in the eyes); his music and soulful voice is still heard across the cities in Nigeria and every once a while, you will see traces of the fashion icon’s dress sense in the wardrobes of Nigerian youths.

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Here are five obvious reasons why most Nigerians cannot get enough of the legendary songwriter and vocalist.

The Voice

One thing that endeared many Nigerians to Michael when his music grew wings and flew from America to several parts of the world was his voice. His unique voice could go from being soft, sweet and sonorous to being coarse, tough and indecipherable. Quite a lot of people can relate to listening to and enjoying his soulful voice in hit songs like Speechless or Will you be There, and then, equally enjoying the ruggedness of his voice in songs like Wanna be Startin' Something or Beat It.

The emotion Michael’s unique voice steers in everyone is second to none and this is one reason many Nigerians love him

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The Music

It’s one thing to have a spectacular voice, it is another thing to make record breaking hit songs that blow the roof of clubs, churches, events and domestic households all at once. Not only do Michael Jackson’s many songs have deep lyrics that Nigerians can totally relate with, they also bear relevance to every sphere of the society.

Talk about Man in the Mirror, Black or White, Billie Jean, You are not Alone, these songs thrilled many to several motivating messages that rightly address societal ills and phenomena. No doubt, many people across Nigeria of whatever background derive inspiration from the many genres of music he released.

The Dance

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From the infamous moonwalk dance to the pelvis tilt and then the anti-gravity pull, Michael invented some phenomenal dance steps that will remain on the charts of history forever. These choreographic moves were performed on stages and in several music videos like Bad, Dangerous, Thriller and so many others.

Even now, these moves have been imitated, practiced and incorporated into the daily lives of many Nigerians.

The Costume

Michael was well known for his signature pieces and designer dresses that were a blend of the traditional suit, disco clothes, Afro inspired designs and the contemporary, glittery attires. In essence, Michael was a power house for inventive clothes that were uniquely vibrant, dazzling and bustling with radiance.

The great entertainer was also known for favouring the colour black, white, gold and silvery grey. These colours featured in nearly all of his concert performances and music videos.

The fashion statement the youngest of the then Jackson 5 band group has inspired several designers from around the world and a lot of impressions have been born from this. Also, some Nigerian contemporary celebrity musicians and even business moguls have imitated the singer’s costume. Tony Elemelu and Wizkid are significant examples of this.


Nigerians love the fact that Michael during his lifetime gave freely to charity organisations and as many as needed his help. The fact that the wealthy King of Pop had a kind, generous heart reflected a lot in his music. Songs like Heal the World, Earth Song, showed his deep reverence for nature and humans.

Michael particularly loved children and deprived people of every colour and background. This was mirrored through the popular hit songs like We are the World and They don’t Care about us.

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Even after death, Michael is still an embodiment of a philanthropist and humanitarian. As specified in his will, 20% of his posthumous music sales go to charity organisations from all over the world.

There is no doubt that Michael Jackson will continue to hold a special place in the heart of many all over the world and on this his posthumous birthday, joins other Nigerians and faithfuls from across the universe to celebrate this legendary icon.

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