Heartbreak as husband leaves wife for another woman they 'invited' into their bedroom

Heartbreak as husband leaves wife for another woman they 'invited' into their bedroom

A mother of four is currently counting her loses and trying to mend her broken heart after her husband and the father of her children, left her for a woman they've been having a threesome with.

According to a Twitter user identified @CallMeBoop, who shared the sad story of how her cousin walked out on his wife, who was his high school sweetheart and kids to be with another woman. According to the Twitter user, the heartbroken wife had suggested the threesome in order to keep him from cheating.

In the detailed narration, the man in question was known to be a serial cheat who had father three children with three other different women. The wife suggested the idea of inviting other women into their bedroom activities and this eventually led to their separation as he left her to be with one of the women they had a threesome with.

@CallMeBoop narrated the story on Twitter: "My cousin recently left his wife for the lady they been having a three some with Since somebody asked I’ll go ahead all tell the story. We’ll call my cousin Tony for the sake of the story, his wife Bri and the three some participant Jill. Now Tony is one the dude that girls mom warn them about. Always up to no damn good.

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Heartbreak as husband leaves wife for another woman they 'invited' into their bedroom

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So tony and Bris story start off in High School. They meet sophomore year. Tony loves white girls(Bri is white) he has always believed he can get white women yo do what he wants. Where as black women they weren’t really checking for him. Tony gets Bri pregnant within 4 months of them dating but he’s young, broke, and he definitely didn’t want an actual relationship with Bri so he denies the baby and cuts off all contact with Bri he even drops out of school and moves across town.

So fast forward a couple months Bri makes Tony take a paternity test. He is the father so he tells Bri that they should be together for the baby but he tells us the family he just wants a piece of Bris checks and benefits she’d just got her first job. Tony starts cheating on Bri immediately with her coworkers who tell her what’s going on however they don’t show her actual proof so she doesn’t pay them any attention. In the midst of Tony cheating he gets one of the coworkers pregnant.

Bri is heartbroken but she wants to stay together for their kid. Tony goes a step further and has two more children with two other women so a total of 4 diff children from 4 diff women now Bri decides she needs to leave Tony alone but not before she finds out she’s pregnant too. Tony convinced her they should stay together so the kids can grow up in a two parent home which was something Bri always wanted so she stays. Fast forward about 3 yrs Tony has never gotten a job but he gets put on to a scheme floating around the city

READ ALSO: Serena won't celebrate daughter's birthday due to their religious beliefsTony starts renting different items from places where you rent electronics and pay on them weekly. However Tony is turning around and selling these items to people who don’t know they’re rented. After he had rented all he could he convinces all of his BMs to rent as well. Tells them that if they rent these items as well he’ll give them a cut if the money which sounds good because he doesn’t do a damn thing for his children. So they’re renting & flipping these laptops, tablets and TVs as fast as they can before Bri gets caught home one day.

Bri gets caught getting out of the car by “Rent Queen” who tells her they’re there to pick up the items she hasn’t paid on in weeks they threaten to get the police involved and Bris never been in trouble so she tells them EVERYTHING!!! Of course Rent Queen gets the authority’s involved so Tony is picked up by the cops about a week later. He decides to take all charges so the BMs can continue to take care of the children he knows he can’t take care of. Somehow Tony only gets sentenced to 4yrs in prison

Just like every nigga that gets locked up he’s telling Bri sweet nothings the whole time he’s locked up to keep money on his books. Promises her he’s going to get out and finally do right and marry her but as his family we knew this too was a lie. Fast forward to the year Tony’s released he actually marries the damn girl & got his first real job at “hungry harrys” pizza place and it actually looks like he might be on the right track until one day I get on Facebook and one of his other BMs announces she’s pregnant from him

Now Bri has caught Tony cheating since they got married and had been working on what she thought was a solution. She tells tony he can have sex with whoever he wants as long as they do it together. Tony happy af! This is every mans dream! So they start right away. St this point they are having threesomes every weekend with. Different girl that Tony brings home this goes on for a while before Bri notices that Tony keeps bringing one girl back every other week and starts to get suspicious

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She finds out that Tony has been sleeping with Jill alone quite often actually. Bri confronts him about it, he apologizes and says he’ll stop with her and they’ll just stick to their threesomes. Bri isn’t into it like before so she now has to get pissy drunk to participate. So now she’s a drunk & gets pregnant again. After Bri has baby number 4 she can’t get the weight off of her and tony is telling her that girls aren’t going to want to fuck a fat girl so she goes into depression knowing that this means he’s just going to fuck them alone. Tony just can’t get enough of Jill who’s the complete opposite of Bri she’s fit, no kids has a great job, car and rich parents so Tony’s knows he can’t let her go. Tony’s decides he’ll give Jill what she’s been asking for, he’s going to leave his wife

They spend about a month looking for a place for them to start their own thing. While in the midst of this Jill gets hurt at work and is about to get broke off because she’s never be able to 100% work again. Tony knows he hit the jackpot and needs to move fast. Tony tells Jill he can’t wait any longer and he’s ready to move in with her and start taking care of her since she’s hurt. Bri comes home from work one day to an empty house she thinks they’ve been robbed so she calls Tony to tell him

Tony tells Bri that he’s leaving her for Jill and how she let herself go and that their whole marriage isnt what he signed up for and also tells her that he took the furniture with him since his mom was the one renting the furniture for them. So now Bri has 4 children no husband and no furniture while Tony and Jill move right outside of town in a nice ass apartment all new everything Jill is even letting Tony drive her old BMW & a huge lawsuit on the way so you can’t tell him shit! The end Oh yea in the midst of all that one of the BMs got an STD and he made her think she gave it to him when she confessed she was also sleeping with someone else"

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