Joy as premature boy with only 2% chance to live ‘graduates’ from intensive care

Joy as premature boy with only 2% chance to live ‘graduates’ from intensive care

- Baby Cullen first experienced difficulties while in his mothers womb, leading her to spend three weeks in a hospital

- Doctors had told his parents that there was hardly anything they could do since he had a 2% chance of survival

- Cullen who weighed 13.9 ounces when he was delivered through CS, now weighs 5 pounds and has even 'graduated' from intensive care

Like the popular saying goes, as long as there is life, there is hope. Baby Cullen has proven this to be true in the most remarkable way possible. The baby boy who recently left intensive care had experience serious complications even before he was born.

These complications led to his mother spending three weeks in the hospital, where they were told he had a 2% chance of survival and that even if he was born, he would have disabilities. His parents who had experience two miscarriages, were not taking any chances with this one.

This fueled their determination to keep their baby alive. His father, Robert, called 16 hospitals across three states to find one which could accommodate such a severely premature child. His mother, Molli, was transferred to USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital, where Cullen was delivered through an emergency C-section.

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Touching moment as tiny premature boy with only 2% chance to live ‘graduates’ from hospital

Baby Cullens 'graduates' intensive care Source: Facebook/ Molli Potter
Source: Facebook

Cullen weighed 13.9 ounces when he was delivered. Fast forward to the present, the brave baby boy proved himself a fighting and he beat the odds despite everything. He now weighs 5 pounds, 11 ounces and is thankfully said to be free from any major difficulties; overcoming the devastating prognosis given to his parents.

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To celebrate this great feat, the adorable little fighter was given his very own graduation ceremony with the full package; complete with solemn music and a cute cap and gown.

He was paraded round the hospital by Jewel Barbour, the nurse who took care of him while he was under intensive care.

In a Facebook post, his mother thanked the hospital for believing in little Cullen despite his critical condition. She further urged other hospitals to reconsider their policies.

She wrote: "They believe in these small babies and give them the fighting chance they deserve. I pray the more doctors and hospitals see stories like my sons and many more, that they will reconsider their policy and give all the babies the chance they deserve."

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