Meet Nigerian Emmanuel Ilori an ex-security guard who is now a PhD holder (photo)

Meet Nigerian Emmanuel Ilori an ex-security guard who is now a PhD holder (photo)

- Nigerian man Emmanuel Ilori was duped of money in South Africa by a travel agent

- This relegated him to being a security guard living in a church

- 6 years gone by, he is now the proud owner of a PhD degree

A quote says thus: 'a real man (or anybody for that matter) smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection.' This saying can be used to describe people who, in spite of tough situations, are able to attain a desired height.

That person, in this case, is Emmanuel Ilori. Emmauel is a Nigerian man who recently bagged a PhD degree in public administration from the University of the Western Cape (UWC) in South Africa.

That's quite some milestone achievement. But according to Emmanuel, he went through a lot of challenges before getting to such height.

As gathered by, the Nigerian man started off as a security guard upon his arrival in Cape Town in 2012. He was all geared up to begin his honours degree in business at the time.

Meet Emmanuel Ilori obtained his PhD recently. Source: Times Live

Meet Emmanuel Ilori obtained his PhD recently. Source: Times Live

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But life had other things in plan for him. Emmanuel who trusted his "travel agent" to remit to him the money for his fees and accommodation was left stranded after the agent disappeared.

Even though he was frustrated and sad, Emmanuel dumped his fears and took up accommodation in a church. He went on to become a security guard in order to make ends meet. In an interview with a South African media house, the resilient Nigerian man said this:

"I wasn’t going to ask my parents for money‚ because I left there with a commitment to my dad not to worry about me financially."

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However, he was intent on fulfilling the purpose for which he came to SA, come hell or high water. So he begged members of his extended family for help and finally registered for his honours.

After obtaining his masters degree in 2015, Emmaneul pushed forward for a PhD. Now, not only has he obtained his degree, he now works as an associate lecturer in the UWC's school of government‚ economics and management sciences.

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The Nigerian whose story embodies what reward could come out of perseverance and resilience took time to praise the university's staff and lecturers for giving him the belief that he could achieve his academic dreams in spite of the challenges that teamed up against him.

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