Daddy Freeze organizes London gospel outreach in absentia (photos, videos)

Daddy Freeze organizes London gospel outreach in absentia (photos, videos)

Popular OAP Daddy Freeze who recently took up a special calling as founder of an online religious movement called Free Nation In Christ seems to be taking his ministerial duties to the next level.

Only recently, the controversial religious pundit organized an outreach in London that publicized the Free Nation in Christ movement. The open gospel crusade was held in a bid to carry out what Daddy Freeze referred to as “spreading the true gospel of Christ to all the corners of the earth!”

What came as a surprise with regards to this organized outreach was the fact that the Nigerian-Romanian presenter was not in attendance at the outreach. It was done by proxy.

Daddy Freeze who referenced his absence as an adoption of the 21st century online church practice said that his absence was not needed as he had reliable and loyal delegates in the London location.

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The radio presenter now turned pastor prided himself in being a pioneer of this peculiar movement. On the side, he sarcastically attacked pastors who owned private jets by saying that he did not need the expensive transportation aid to oversee a church:

"I’m overseeing things in London from Nigeria without the need for a private jet..... all I need is a good team of brethren @jyggacollins Poshmama, Dzik, Owa Remmy and others. My colleagues Enoch and David una see how we dey do am for 2018?"

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Being the arguable person he is, Daddy Freeze did not hesitate to call the names of pastors. He particularly called out Enoch and David” and told them to emulate his way of doing things.

Taking to his Instagram page, Daddy Freeze shared photos and videos of how the outreach went down. His “sheeples” who wore red T-shirts that displayed their allegiance to the church shared several publicity materials in the hope to expand the congregation.

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Some of the members of the Free Nation in Christ movement were interviewed and asked how they got to know about the religious body. A particular lady said she had listened to Daddy Freeze online and had liked what she heard. This prompted her to join the online church and also become an advocate during the outreach.

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