Little boy spotted washing his parents' car

Little boy spotted washing his parents' car

It is not a new fact that children pick up on what they see adults do, especially toddlers who are usually around adults who look after them.

A child would pick up a book to look at, if he or she sees the mother or father doing the same. A child would speak words heard from parents and adults around them.

This little Nigerian boy has received mush love on social media after he was spotted helping out with a particular chore at home. The little boy simply identified as Demilade was spotted washing a white car inside a compound.

Little Demilade was seen with a cloth that he kept on dipping in an orange bucket to clean the car. Demilade who rocked his grey and black onesie as he worked was all wet with water that dripped on him as he worked hard.

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Little boy spotted washing his parents' car Photo source: Instagram user kidentreneurs
Source: Instagram

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In the video, a male adult believed to be Demilade's dad or uncle was heard telling the toddler to clean the car well.

The male adult also tried to show Demilade where to wash and the toddler obliged with much enthusiasm.

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From watching the video, it is obvious that the car that Demilade believed he cleaned would probably be re-washed properly by an adult. However, this shows that kids pick up what we do and try to do the same.

This video also shows that little Demilade has picked up the habit of helping out with chores at home.

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