Trump crossed the line of decency - Shehu Sani reacts to comment against Buhari

Trump crossed the line of decency - Shehu Sani reacts to comment against Buhari

- Shehu Sani recalls different ways the west had insulted Africans in the past while condemning Donald Trump's comment against Buhari

- Sani says it is time for African leaders to begin to look inwards and defend their territorial integrity

- He declares that Trump crossed the line with his comment

The senator representing Kaduna central district at the National Assembly, Shehu Sani, has come down hard on President Donald Trump for reportedly calling his Nigerian counterpart ‘lifeless’ after a meeting.

Sani declared that it was the height of Trump’s contempt for Africa for him to describe President Muhammadu Buhari with such demeaning word.

In his statement reported by Premium Times, Sani said: “First our continent Africa was called a ‘shithole’, then a Black woman Omarosa was called ‘a dog’ and now our president was called ‘lifeless’.

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“President Trump contempt for Africa and the black race has become a component of his character and conduct and it stands condemned.

“Trump words, if actually uttered against President Buhari, is an attack on the honour of our country and our race.

“African leaders must come out of their cowardly shell and defend the integrity and moral uprightness of their people whenever it’s under attack by ultra right leaders.

“Its ironic that the same President Trump that publicity applauded our president can go behind him and uttter such a derogatory and demeaning remarks. It’s time African leaders look within the continent for their political and economic prosperity than going to those who will humiliate them.

“The ‘lifeless’ statement against our president stands condemned.

“President Trump has crossed the line of decency. Trump’s statement against our President stands against the spirit and principles of American values and democracy,” Sani said.

In a separate post on his Facebook wall, the senator added: “The rise of the far right in the west and the new wave of protectionism and anti globalization agenda, are enough signals to send a clear message to African leaders to end the culture and the humiliating voyage of seeking salvation and prosperity for their countries from leaders with no respect for our race.

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“Africa’s future lies within the continent.” earlier reported that the Buhari Media Organisation (BMO) on Monday, August 27, declared that the Nigerian president is fit and capable to govern the country beyond 2019 as against claims linked to his United States of American counterpart that he is ‘lifeless’.

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