Most feminists aren’t too fond of God’s design for gender - Twitter user

Most feminists aren’t too fond of God’s design for gender - Twitter user

Feminism is a topic that can make most ladies become very vocal, maybe because men are usually seen as the stronger while women are seen as being the weaker gender in the society.

In Nigeria, the topic is usually centered on gender roles of men and women in the society. Social media has seen to the rise of more women who claim to be feminists, and some of them have been accused of not fully understanding what it means, going by their controversial views on some issues.

However, a Nigerian Twitter user, simply identified as KrisNgozi_, has shared her view on feminism and as expected, there have been a lot of reactions.

In what surprised many people, the young lady is of the opinion that feminism is not Godly and many women who claim to be feminists are just not humble and cannot submit to a man.

She also explained that pride which was the cause of the devil’s downfall in the bible is in line with the feminist movement, because according to her, feminism also borders on pride.

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See tweets below:

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KrisNgozi_ further explained in her tweet that women do not need to be feminist to feel valuable, because God created us equally valuable. She also used the opportunity to preach to her followers that they should accept God's word as the authority in their lives, and to embrace God's design for marriage, family and dignity of life.

See some of the reactions to her tweet below:

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