Selfie put on Whatsapp story exposes phone thief, Nigerians react comically (photo)

Selfie put on Whatsapp story exposes phone thief, Nigerians react comically (photo)

Being a good thief comes with a price and that is the dire need to keep one’s face out of public view. This Nigerian male thief does not know that, and because of this, he has become a laughing stock on social media.

A Nigerian lady has taken to sharing a rather hilarious account about a thief who does not know how to steal so well. According to this young woman identified as Erudite on Twitter, her mother’s phone had been stolen by a stranger.

But in a twisted turn of events, the stranger revealed himself to the whole world! This he did by uploading his own pictures on the Whatsapp status of her mother from whom he had stolen the phone.

Inadvertently, he must have forgotten to delete the Whataspp page of the original phone owner and reinstall it again with his own phone number.

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The lady who gave tweeps the cracks with her post found it quite funny that the offender in question had all the good wits to steal a phone, but was rather too dimwitted to keep his identity secret. This so-called thief was called out by the Nigerian who asked if anyone could make him their man crush:

"This man stole my mom’s phone and has been uploading his pictures on WhatsApp story. Whose mcm oo . He should at least delete the WhatsApp and reinstall it with his number, but no. Olodo."

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She also went ahead to reveal the identity of the thief (not that he hadn’t already revealed himself enough to everyone who so much as knew the mother). Subsequently, Erudite added that the phone thief had also tried to impersonate her mother with the intent of extorting money from her family members and friends.

Trust Nigerians to reserve the best of comments for a situation like this. Here are some of the comments that blew the roof of this animated thread:

A particular Nigerian responded by narrating how his stolen phone was used by the thief to order for goods. The thief who didn't get rid of the phone number kept making the purchases in his own name. And gladly, he had been asked to come pick up the wares he didn't buy with his money at a designated location!

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