Top 3 pastor scandals and other trending issues on TV

Top 3 pastor scandals and other trending issues on TV

It's the end of another eventful week and as usual, is here to give you a rundown of the best videos you really should not miss out on.

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Here are the top trending videos that created quite a buzz on our YouTube channel this week:

1. Top 3 Pastor Scandals: Most Discussed Humiliations

In a world where the actions of church leaders are being closely monitored by their followers and the general public, the last thing any pastor wants is to be caught in the wrong acts. This video reveals the top 3 pastor scandals we have encountered lately.

2. Osun Osogbo Festival 2018 - Behold the 'sacred' Arugba preparing for 2018

The Osun Osogbo Festival is a very colorful event that showcases some really sacred cultures of the Osun people. This video gives you a glimpse at the sacred 'Arugba' in preparation for the 2018 festival.

3. Election 2019: How Did Okorocha React To Abukabar’s PDP Statement?

Presidential aspirant Atiku Abubakar recently visited Imo state to make his political ambitions known to the people. During his visit, he mentioned that he plans to return power to PDP come 2019, however, governor Okorocha seems to think he is not the man for the job. Watch the video for more details.

4. Woman Delivers Quintuplets in Anambra, Asks Nigerians for Help

A lady in Anambra state who recently gave birth to quintuplets has cried out for help from well meaning Nigerians to take care of her children. According to her, it has been a real challenge to cater for 5 children at once and any form of help from the public will be greatly appreciated.

5. Osun Osogbo Festival 2018 - I Asked Yeye Osun For a Wife and She Gave Me This Woman

A lot of people come from far and wide to attend the traditional Osun Osogbo festival and believe they go back with blessings; such is the case of this particular couple who believe they were destined by Osun to find each other.

7. Election 2019: Kenneth Okonkwo Interview - Buhari will win

Veteran Nollywood actor Kenneth Okonkwo has shared some really interesting insights on who he thinks will come out victorious in the coming 2019 presidential elections. What do you think of his predictions, do you agree with him?

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