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Mummy's boys, you don't deserve to have a wife - Man says on Twitter

Mummy's boys, you don't deserve to have a wife - Man says on Twitter

Twitter is agog with an arising matter raised by a Nigerian man whose contention is centered in the fact that a husband is not supposed to love his mother above his wife and children as he owes his allegiance to his own family.

The said person identified as @RealDreylo on Twitter took to his page to make the strong assertion that has got many people. According to him, a man who loves his mother more than his spouse is immature and does not deserve to have a wife in the first place.

This Nigerian man who lives in Lagos took his argument further by picking Biblical quotes to support his claim. He quoted the popular scriptural verse that highlighted how one should in truth honour the parents that birthed one.

But he also went on to emphasize that the same scripture put it to married people to leave these parents and cling to their spouses.

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For Real Dreylo, a man’s priority should be his wife and kids and not the mom: "Any married man who says he Loves his Mother more than his Wife is Ignorant and unarguably Immature!!! Mummy's boy, You don't deserve to have a wife. Go ahead and Marry your Mother.

God said "Honor your father and mother so that your days maybe long" The same God said "A man shall leave his Mother and Father and cling onto his wife". And that means Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually! Once you're married your priority is your Wife and Kids, not your Mom."

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Dreylo’s aversion to the people he called Mummy’s boy met the frown of some Twitter users who said the kinds of love one had for a mother and a wife are different and should not be compared. Other men also insisted that because of the bond between a man and his mother, making her one of the firsts on his list is very important and non-negotiable:

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A person even went to the extent of chatting with a lady on Whatsapp to ask if she could love her husband more than her mother or if her husband loving her mother more would annoy her; to these questions, the lady responded in the negative.

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