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Is yogurt fattening for you? - interesting facts everyone should know

Is yogurt fattening for you? - interesting facts everyone should know

Have you ever asked yourself a question: ‘Is yogurt fattening for you?’ If you have, then you should definitely read this article, where we will be talking about exactly that. Find out about the ways you should and should not eat yogurt to avoid gaining weight.

Is yogurt fattening for you? A few facts everyone should know!

Is yogurt actually fattening?

Ok, so the short answer to this question is ‘it might be’. The long answer gets a little complicated. First of all, there are many types of yogurt to choose from, and all of them influence your weight differently: some can help you lose weight, while others will be the reason you gain extra kilograms.

Another thing is how (and how much) you consume it. If you eat it in excessive amounts and sprinkled with cookie crumbs or something like that, then of course you will gain weight. But if you consume the right type of yogurt and in moderation, you will be able to keep your weight in check.

If you want your yogurt to be good for you and not just another thing that makes you fat, then you should continue reading, as we will be talking about things you should look out for to make sure yogurt does not bring you those extra kilograms.

Tips that can help you avoid weight gain because of yogurt

Is yogurt fattening for you?

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While most of the time yogurt is really good for you, and it can help yo shed those extra kilograms, it is not always so. Here are six habits you should adopt if you do not want to get fatter by eating yogurt:

  • Stop focusing on the calories. Usually, low-calorie yogurts that promote themselves as such have very little protein. This means that you will not be able to ease your hunger with just one container. That is why when you choose a yogurt, you should look at not only the calories, but also the protein level. That way, you will be able to stay fuller until the next mealtime.
  • Measure your portions. If you buy large containers of yogurt to save some money, good for you. But do not forget about actually measuring your portions to make sure you do not eat too much. Otherwise, the whole point of eating yogurt to lose weight will be lost, as you will start gaining weight because of overly large portions.
  • Do not add too many toppings. Plain yogurt is just that, plain, so people will go to all lengths to make it more palatable. While they are doing that, they might forget about their initial goal of eating yogurt, which is often to lose weight. So if you are trying to lose weight and not gain it, go for unsweetened yogurt (or Greek yogurt) and some fruit to make it sweeter, as well as cereal and nuts to add texture, but keep your portions moderate. Moreover, stay away from artificial sweeteners and candy toppings.
Is yogurt fattening

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  • Be wary of the fat-free yogurts. Even though fat-free yogurts do not contain any fat, they might have plenty of other things that can make you gain weight, such as added sugars. To be fair, you do not really need no-fat yogurt, the low-fat one should do you just fine. Still, you should definitely check if it is not compensating the low fat with too much added sugar. You should also make sure that there is enough protein so that you get enough nutrition.
  • Do not focus on getting just probiotic yogurts. Of course, it has been proven that probiotics are good for you, but do not think that they can solve all your problems, particularly any weight issues you might have. Therefore, when you pick a yogurt to eat, do not pick a probiotic yogurt above everything else just because it has probiotics in it, as it might not be able to deliver the benefits you expect from it.
  • Steer clear of the store-bought yogurt parfait. When it comes to the type of yogurt that might be fattening for you, parfaits (particularly pre-made ones) are probably at the top of the list. Not only are they usually made with full-fat yogurt, but they also contain lots of granola, which often has lots of sugar and is high in fat. That said, you can avoid those extra calories you do not need by making your own delicious parfait with low-fat yogurt, fresh berries or fruits and low fat granola.

As you can see, yogurt can indeed be fattening for you, but you can avoid that by following our tips. So save this article and consult it before your next trip to the store for another portion of yogurt. That way, you can get the best option for yourself, and you will not have to worry about gaining weight from it.

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