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Top facts about Africa everyone should know

Top facts about Africa everyone should know

We all study history at school, but most of us don’t know even 30% of the amazing facts about Africa. Today we’ve gathered precious information for you: 45 facts that should be read by every African! So, let’s be even more educated together!

Victoria Falls

Africa is one of the most amazing continents in the world. Some scientists believe that Africa was the birthplace of the first life on Earth. Africa is also the poorest and richest in the world. Read interesting facts about Africa.

  • Africa is the cradle of civilization. This is the first continent on which human culture and community emerged.
  • Africa is the only continent with highest number of untouched lands.
  • The area of Africa is 29 million square kilometers. But four-fifths of the territory is occupied by deserts and tropical forests.
  • At the beginning of the 20th century, almost all the territory of Africa was colonized by France, Germany, England, Spain, Portugal and Belgium. Only Ethiopia, Egypt, South Africa and Liberia were independent.
  • Mass decolonization of Africa occurred only after the Second World War.
  • In Africa, you will find rare animals that are not found elsewhere, for example, hippos, giraffes, okapi and others.
  • Previously, hippos lived throughout Africa, today they are found only on the south of the Sahara desert.
  • Africa has the largest desert in the world, the Sahara. Its area is larger than the US.
Sahara dessert

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  • On the continent, there is the second longest river in the world - the Nile. Its length is 6850 kilometers.
  • Lake Victoria is the second largest freshwater lake in the world.
  • ‘Thundering smoke’ - this is the name of the Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River. It was given by the local tribes.
  • The length of the Victoria Falls is more than a kilometer, and the height is more than 100 meters.
  • The noise from falling water from the Victoria Falls extends 40 kilometers around.
  • On the edge of the Victoria Falls there is a natural pool called the Devil's. You can swim along the edge of the waterfall only during a drought, when the stream is not so strong.
  • Some African tribes hunt hippopotamuses and use their meat for food, even though hippos are rapidly declining species.
  • Africa is the second largest continent on the planet.
  • Africa has the lowest life expectancy. Women - 48 years, men - 50.
  • Africa crosses the equator with zero meridian. Therefore, the continent can be called the most symmetrical of all existing.
  • Africa has the only surviving miracle of the world - the pyramids of Cheops.
  • In Africa, there are more than 2000 languages.
  • Algeria has a unique lake. Instead of water, it contains real ink.
ink lake

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  • In the Sahara desert, there is a unique place called the eye of the Sahara. This is a huge crater, with a ring structure and a diameter of 50 kilometers.
  • In Africa the houses of the inhabitants of the village of Ganvie are built on the water, and they are moved exclusively by boats.
  • Howick falls and the pond into which it falls, by local tribes is considered the sacred abode of an ancient monster, like Loch Ness.
  • Not far from Egypt in the Mediterranean, there is the sunken city of Heraklion. It was discovered only recently.
  • In the middle of the great desert there are Ubari lakes, but the water in them is several times more salty than the sea, so they will not save you from thirst.
  • Africa is home to the coldest volcano in the world Oy Doinio LeGai. The temperature of the lava, which erupts from the crater, is several times lower than in ordinary volcanoes.
  • In Africa there is a Colosseum, a Roman age building. It is located in El Jem.
  • Africa has a ghost town - Colmanskop, which is slowly absorbed by the sands of the great desert, but 50 years ago, it was densely populated by residents.
  • In Tanzania, there is a unique red lake, the depth of which varies depending on the season, and along with the depth the color of the lake changes from pink to rich red.
  • On the territory of the island of Madagascar there is a unique natural monument of stone forest. High thin rocks resemble a dense forest.
  • In Ghana, there is a large landfill, with home appliances from around the world.
  • Unique goats live in Morocco. They climb trees and eat leaves and branches.
  • Africa produces half of all the gold sold in the world.
  • Africa has the richest deposits of gold and diamonds.
  • The biggest number of fish species, more than in the sea, live in the lake of Malawi, which is located in Africa.
fish in red sea

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  • For the past 40 years Lake Chad has become smaller in almost 95%. Previously, it was the third or fourth largest in the world.
  • The world's first sewer system appeared in Africa in Egypt.
  • In Africa, there are tribes that are considered to be the tallest in the world, as well as the shortest ones.
  • More than 25 million people in Africa are considered HIV-positive.
  • An unusual rodent lives in Africa. The naked digger is an African rodent with cells that do not age. It lives up to 70 years and does not feel pain from cuts or burns at all.
  • The highest mountain in Africa, mount Kilimanjaro is a volcano but, it has never erupted.

Did you like our African culture facts? Or maybe you’re the fan of African history facts? We hope this info was interesting for you and you’ve learned something new!

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