It is not my job to fix a badly raised man - Burn survivor says as she encourages women

It is not my job to fix a badly raised man - Burn survivor says as she encourages women

A burn survivor took to social media to share a message with the women who are stuck in abusive relationships.

Thembi Maphanga has first hand experience on how destructive an abusive man could be. As South Africans celebrate women's month with protests against gender based violence, Maphanga wanted to get a message across to abuse victims.

"LADIES REPEAT AFTER ME. I am not a rehabilitation center for a badly raised man, it is not my job to fix him, change him, parent him or raise him! I want a partner not a project! I deserve respect and love. I am not an object that can be owned, possessed or controlled.I value Me," she captioned a snap of herself.

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Her post inspired other social media users, who agreed abusive men should stand accountable for their actions.

Nonhlanhla_Magagula commented: "Moghel I admire your positivy. I wish I had half the confidence you have. Right now, you are my hero. I have mad love for you."

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Maphanga knows how much damage an abusive man can inflict on his partner- her baby daddy set her and their two-year-old daughter on fire seven-years-ago.

As reported previously, Maphanga told her story during the #TotalShutDown protest and it was shared online.

A public argument led to her long-time abusive lover losing it and drenching her in petrol. Sadly, their daughter was in the room and she did not survive the ordeal.

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