Lady makes stunning crochet products and earns a living out of it

Lady makes stunning crochet products and earns a living out of it

- Lady takes crochet making into another level

- She runs as her own business and earns a living out of the products

- The South African wants to extend her crocheting talent for community use

Growing up as a girl in Africa means one thing; learning to work the hands into several beautiful crafts. These crafts could include making a baby like structure out of a fabric, hair dressing a doll's hair or sewing tiny clothes out of used fabrics. It could simply mean knitting with a silver pin and a woolly thread.

In all, childhood offers ladies a lot of imaginary professions but as growth begins to take place, every girl turned lady begins to steer towards careers that are feasible and practicable. But then, many people have gone on to prove that some of these self inflicted tasks childhood proffers can go on to be useful in the near future.

One of these people is Masha Seagela Hope. This lady is a 25-year-old self-taught crocheter who is showing to the world that it's possible to make a living out of crocheting.

She is from Jane Furse in Limpopo, South Africa but lives in Centurion, Gauteng. Masha owns her business which is called Handmade Serenity.

Through her company, she makes stunning crochet products such as bags and clothing accessories with her hands.

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Masha developed her passion for crocheting, knitting and handcrafting from a young age by simply observing her mom do it (so mommy did not throw away the childhood craft too). In a chat she had, she had this to say:

"I'm interested in everything handmade, and crocheting my bags makes me so happy because every product has a part of me."

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Referencing her mother as her inspiration and tutor, Masha made this profession:

"I always say Mom taught me how to crochet because she knows how to as well, but every time I bring that up, she would say, 'I didn't teach you - you just sat next to me and copied what I did."

The talented lady also regards the venture of crocheting as a calling:"I choose to make handmade products because it's more of a calling for me. I believe people are called to do different things and this is my calling and I have embraced it with open arms."

Besides selling its products, Handmade Serenity is keen on teaching youths crocheting skills. It also aims to get involved in crocheting projects that would uplift communities and create jobs.

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In addition to her entrepreneurial skills, Masha holds a Diploma in Logistics from Tshwane University of Technology.

Even during the convocation ceremony, held in May 2018, she wore one of her own knitted bags. She has positioned herself as an inspiration to youths who have a skill but do not know how to put it to good use.

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