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There is no financially stable male in his mid-20s - Nigerian man says on Twitter

There is no financially stable male in his mid-20s - Nigerian man says on Twitter

A Nigerian man puts into perspective the issue of financial instability as it pertains to a relationship. His focus was especially on the expectations women had when it came to having their needs met by their men.

The man identified as Otunbakush on Twitter started a thread that got many people talking. He, in his initial post, said that women or anybody for that matter should not expect men to be financially stable in their mid-20s.

According to him, saying a man in his mid-20s was broke was not right as one should not expect anything less. He particularly addressed women who expected their boyfriends within this age bracket to buy expensive things for them.

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In a rather sarcastic tone, he made the point of saying that there was no way these men could afford what the 50-year-old men women courted could afford:

"There is no financially stable young man in his mid 20s. Stop calling young men broke because they cant afford what 50 year old men are buying for you."

His comment was not received well as many insisted that most 21st century men in their 20s were doing well for themselves however young they may be. In a counter post, Otunbakush corrected the notion of financial stability or rather gave his own notion of the term:

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"This thread EEEH......most of Una no even understand the meaning of financially stable.... You have a car and you have 1million Naira in your account... My brother u never stable.... Inside u still dey Village self lol... Don't @ at me Biko, I want to Mekwe."

Despite his strong argument, some Twitter users cited the examples of people like Davido in standing on the notion that young people could indeed be successful and could take good care of their ladies in a way 50-year-old men would.

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Some other people however supported Otunbakush’s motion and said there was some truth in it.

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