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Coconut palm wine benefits for our health

Coconut palm wine benefits for our health

You might have been drinking this beverage for ages without even knowing about its many advantages. Today, we are going to tell you about coconut palm wine benefits, so that you can appreciate this delicious drink even more.

Coconut palm wine benefits for our health

Health benefits of palm wine

There are lots of benefits of palm wine, but we do not want to bore you, which is why we are going to highlight only the most important ones. Here are some of the reasons why you should drink coconut palm wine:

  • A helping hand against cancer. While it cannot replace proper medicine, it can definitely help alongside it. Palm wine is full of Vitamin B2, which is an antioxidant that deals with free radicals that are associated with causing cancer. When consumed in moderation, palm wine can provide the body with a proper amount of Vitamin B2.
  • Better eyesight. As coconut palm wine is full of Vitamin C, it can help you maintain good eyesight. That said, even if you no longer have 20/20 vision, you can make it better thanks to palm wine, as it also has Vitamin B1 that can improve your vision. It might actually be the reason why some village elders see better than youngsters, as palm wine is a staple in their daily menu.
Coconut palm wine

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  • Healthy hair, skin and nails. Among the aforementioned elements, coconut palm wine also contains iron and the Vitamin B complex. These are essential for the health of your hair, skin and nails. Moreover, due to its iron content, palm wine can also help your body heal faster by promoting the healthy cell growth and repairing the damaged tissues.
  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases. By drinking palm wine in moderation, you can reduce heart failure. Thanks to the potassium contained in the wine, the heart health can be improved significantly, along with reduced hypertension.
  • Improved lactation. In many West African countries, lactating parents drink palm wine to help with lactation. This secret has been passed down through generations, and now you know about it as well.

All that said, like with any other alcoholic drink, you should not drink it in excess, as all of the aforementioned benefits will disappear, and you will be left with a whole bunch of side effects, including liver damage, and weakened heart.

Palm wine and fertility

Coconut palm wine benefits

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We have decided to talk about this topic separately, as there have been a lot of speculations about palm wine’s benefits for boosting fertility. There are claims that it helps to boost male fertility, but multiple studies (albeit mostly on lab rats) show that palm wine actually does the opposite, slowly distorting the male reproductive cytoarchitecture. Therefore, if you want to have children in the future, it is best that you keep your palm wine intake moderate.

We have previously mentioned that coconut palm wine can help lactating mothers, but is palm wine good for a pregnant woman? As any other type of alcohol, coconut palm wine is not a great drink of choice during pregnancy. The high ethanol content in the wine can negatively affect the lipid metabolism and liver function of a pregnant woman, which is why it is better to stay away from it until the baby arrives.

So what is the lesson we have learned today? That we should drink coconut palm wine to enjoy its benefits, but do so in moderation to avoid its side effects. Make sure you are drinking only fresh palm wine to get the most out of the experience.

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