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I can’t work for big madam wey no get oga - Driver tells single female Nigerian doctor

I can’t work for big madam wey no get oga - Driver tells single female Nigerian doctor

- Nigerian female doctor shares the anti-feminist experience she had with a driver

- This she does in a recent post on Twitter

- Her personal account of the event has attracted a lot of reactions from tweeps

A Nigerian female who is a doctor by profession proved only recently that the stigma against single women still holds strong in the society. In making her claim resonant, she narrated an encounter she had with a male driver when she was still single.

According to Ola Brown, the lady under focus, she had hired the man to fill in a role as her driver. The man who earlier accepted the job came later in the day to say that he could no longer take the job.

The male chaffeur made it clear that the decision not to work for her was made in liaison with his wife. Together, they had prayed about it and had distinctly seen that it was not good for him to work with a big madam that does not have an oga.

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In her reminisce, Ola Brown relayed her experience in these words:

"Remember, when I tried to hire a driver as a single woman. He accepted the job. Then he came back to me in the evening and he had prayed about it with his wife decided it would not be good for him to work for a 'big madam wey no get oga."

The British-Nigerian doctor dug up this event due to the initial post made by another Twitter user who stated that the way single women were treated was disrespectful and disgraceful:

"The stigma against being a single woman in Nigeria is disgraceful. People treat you with disrespect, and anything you have must be from a secret man/ runs."

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Many reactions have trailed the post of the 32-year-old doctor and given many layers and underlying interpretations to it. One Lolo Cynthia tweeted that the man’s attitude to the job offered him must have been a result of his wife’s persuasive power.

Given the fact that she was a single woman, the wife must have felt that her husband would be exploited in a romantic way if she let him take the job. In addition to this thought, Lolo said that Nollywood and its prevalent show of men taken advantage of in such manner must definitely have inspired that mindset.

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Many other tweeps agreed that this was a fact. They also added that although single women have been known to treat their drivers in untoward manners but the whole matter was presumably normalised by the Nigerian movie industry.

The issue almost completely shifted to the many notions the movies produced by actors and actresses in Nigeria. Berv made a list of such common Nollywood promoted beliefs. In her list were the facts that a man cooking for his wife automatically made him a victim of her fetish practices; a beautiful secretary must be cheating with the boss at work and rich single girls must be call girls.

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An observation made by another tweep about the fact that the man who turned down the offer might even need money badly made many imply that if he was desperate enough and hungry for the money, he would not reject the offer.

It is worthy of note that Olamide Brown the Managing Director of Flying Doctors Nigeria is now married and so would not prone to any such treatment again.

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