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OPINION: Theatre of jokers and political jobbers by Tunde Ososanya

OPINION: Theatre of jokers and political jobbers by Tunde Ososanya

Editor’s note: The writer of this piece, Tunde Ososanya, expresses displeasure over the political happenings in the country in the past few weeks. He talks about the ongoing drama in the political sphere and how Nigerian politicians deceive the masses.

Nigeria has been turned into a theatre in the last few weeks by the political class and the citizenry has been watching with keen interest what the different dramatists have in store for the audience. We have watched as the acts developed into scenes. You will be doing yourself a favour by grabbing your own popcorn as I have done. Let’s enjoy the play before the curtain is drawn.

You wouldn’t be wrong if you said the director of this play we all are currently watching is talented as much as the playwright.

As the 2019 general elections draw nearer, defection has become a daily happening in Nigeria’s political sphere. One politician simply wakes up and denounces his political party on whose platform he was elected into office. The defection is met with fanfare and heroic welcome by the political party where he has now pitched his tent. What follows is the condemnation of the previous party and regret of years wasted under its fold.

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The party whose member has defected to another party is pained and mourning the loss in the corner of its room. But in acting as though it is not bothered by that loss, it immediately releases a press statement, saying that the member’s defection does not in any way affect the party. On the pages of newspaper and online media, you begin to read statements like: “His exit from the party is long overdue. He was the problem of the party. He nearly tore the party apart. His defection is good riddance to bad rubbish.” The list of such clichés is endless.

The number of strong defectors is currently the preoccupation of political parties because of the forthcoming general elections. This is because the only thing that the opposition party is interested in is how to wrestle power from the ruling party, and the only thing that the ruling party is interested in is how to remain in power.

Nigerian politicians sometimes compete with comedians that one begins to wonder if these politicians are aware of their own talent in making people laugh.

It is only in Nigeria that a politician would be kidnapped when he’s to appear in court for a trial, only to re-appear the following day on Twitter.

It is only in Nigeria that a politician’s hand and neck would be broken and his doctor would hang the broken hand on the broken neck.

In fact, Nigeria is a place of wonders. Have you ever seen someone fall on a rock and the rock breaks into pieces? This can only be found in Nigeria.

It is only in Nigeria that you’ll see a politician who embraces politics instead of chasing his dream as a professional dancer.

Of course, you won’t find in any place except in Nigeria how forgery allegation against a government official isn’t an issue to worry about.

It is rather saddening that the electorate don’t pay attention to the body language of an average Nigerian politician who is only a political jobber. An average Nigerian politician identifies with a party on whose platform his interest is assured, not a party on whose platform Nigerians’ interest is assured.

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This lends credence to the saying that there are no permanent enemies or permanent friends in politics, but only permanent interest.

So why then do Nigerians go on social media war because of those who don’t care whether the people who elected them into political offices live or not?

This is because these politicians have succeeded in destroying the system through which Nigerians can be equipped with the knowledge that politicians are their servants and not the other way round. Our education sector is being underfunded deliberately by the ruling class because of the danger inherent in leading youth who are equipped with the knowledge of how they should be led.

Our politicians understand that those fighting social media war on their behalf will definitely have a rethink of their folly acts if the education sector is revamped and attention is paid to civic education in our schools.

They still enjoy the pleasure they derive when some Nigerians pay attention to them and hurl insults at one another in trying to justify why a politician is called for questioning by an anti-graft agency over fraud or other allegations.

These politicians know that Nigerians will stop defending them when they run foul of the law once the education sector is revamped and those defending them blindly are more informed.

Our politics in Nigeria reeks of deceit – it is the kind of politics where you campaign under certain issues and promises to deliver by taking care of those issues if you are elected, but it is a different ball game once you are elected.

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It is high time Nigerians woke up to the fact that how they are led rest in their hands and not in the hands of politicians. It is high time the Nigerian teeming youths realised how powerful and instrumental they are to the development of this country. Until there is a change in mindset and we unanimously say enough is enough, these political jobbers will keep enriching themselves and their families with our resources till there are no more resources to steal.

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