Nigerian lady narrates her experience with a taxi driver

Nigerian lady narrates her experience with a taxi driver

- A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to share her eerie encounter with an Uber driver

- According to her, the driver threatened to kidnap her and at some point, made some lewd comments towards

- She shared his details on Twitter, with the hopes that Uber would handle the issue

Long after the scandal between Nollywood actor, Dorcas Fapson and an Uber driver died down, it appears yet another case has surfaced online. A Nigerian lady identified as Chioma has taken to social media to recount her experience with one of its dirvers.

According to her, not only did he threaten to kidnap her after she had made a stop to pick up something. After a while he began to make some statements with heavy sexual innuendos that made her uncomfortable. This eventually made scared and she decided against continuing with the ride.

She wrote: "So my friend Nifemi booked me an @uber ride from Unilag to Ikeja and I got into the car, I was to stop by my friends apartment to pick up something just before heading to my destination, so I needed the driver to be about a minute patient with me."

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I told him, He complained but waited eventually. When I got out of the apartment and back into the car, in the drivers (Taofeek) words ‘You will pay me extra for this time I have waited and if you don’t, I will kidnap you and this is not a joke’

I heard him, ignored, and kept using my phone. While I was thinking of the fastest way to get out of the car. He continued by saying he likes to go to the girls hostels in Unilag because the girls turn him on and he always wants to “touch their br*asts”.

It was too sensitive and suspicious, and I couldn’t continue the journey to Ikeja with the same driver, with fear for my life. So I gently asked him to stop at a hotel in Jibowu (King Celia) that I wanted to pick up something and I’ll come right back into the car.

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He was very reluctant again, but he eventually stopped me there, I got down immediately, picked my bags and entered into the hotel. I sent one of the hotel workers to pay him N1000, and ask him to end the trip and leave, that I wasn’t going with him anymore.

Meanwhile the fare was about N400). I purposely paid more so he could just leave. This driver Taofeek called me to say ‘You think you’re smart’, I hung up and didn’t pick his calls anymore. I ordered another cab; this time, Taxify.

And about 2 minutes on the trip, we saw this same Taofeek guy standing outside his car waiting for me to come outside and he followed the car till we couldn’t see him anymore. This has been the scariest experience of my life and I urge @Uber_Support to look into this.

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I have attached all the necessary information about the trip and the driver, to this post. Please repost till something is done about this! @Uber_Support @uber This driver is a psychopath! Toyota Corolla (LND744EP) Driver: Taofeek, +2348136606431"

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