Tomato juice benefits for skin and hair

Tomato juice benefits for skin and hair

Among the many tomato juice benefits for skin, is its ability to lighten the skin, narrow pores, heal burns, acne and much more. Read this article to know how to use tomato juice for skin and hair health!

Tomato juice benefits for skin

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The homeland of the tomato (from Italian Pomod 'Oro - golden apple) is considered South America. It was there that the recipes of "medicines" were found, in which the tomato was also included. Such means treated a thorn in the eye and a runny nose in newborns.

By the way, there is no single point of view, what is actually a tomato - a berry, a fruit or a vegetable? Biologists advocate for berries, the Customs Union - for a vegetable and the European Union defined the tomato as a fruit. But there is no doubt about the rich microelement and vitamin composition of tomatoes. Scientists have proved that regular consumption of tomatoes in raw form can reduce the risk of developing cancerous tumors. And it also helps to look fresh and beautiful.

Tomato skin

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Drinking tomato juice benefits for skin

Juice, wrung out with pulp, has all the useful properties of fresh tomatoes, which contain a huge amount of biochemical substances important for the normal functioning of all organs and systems of our body.

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The juice from tomatoes contains a high percentage of nutrients that have a beneficial effect on the skin. It contains vitamin A, C, lycopene, proteins. Lycopene belongs to a group of carotenoids, a group of very strong antioxidants that resist the action of free radicals that cause aging of the body.

Tomato juice benefits for face

Tomato juice benefits for skin and especially face are numerous! Depending on the color in tomatoes, these or other useful substances predominate:

  1. Red varieties are richer in vitamins than yellow ones. In red and pink tomatoes, you can find more lycopene, such tomatoes are better for rejuvenating masks;
  2. In orange and orange-red fruits you can find a lot of carotenes; these vegetables are used to improve the complexion;
  3. Green tomatoes are rich in vitamin K, which whitens and soothes the skin of the face;
  4. Cherry tomatoes have the same useful properties as conventional tomatoes, but the content of vitamins and antioxidants in them is 1.5-2 times higher;
Do not scald the tomatoes with boiling water, most of the useful substances contained in the peel of tomatoes, will be reduced by heat treatment.

Making masks with tomatoes is recommended once a week, after removing the mask, apply a nourishing cream on the face. Before going out after using cosmetics with tomatoes, it is recommended to apply sunscreen.

Use caution if you have sensitive skin. Applying a pure tomato pulp without additional ingredients is better directed to the problem site, but not to the entire face area.

Properties of tomato masks

Thanks to this rich content, facial masks based on tomatoes occupy the first rows in a number of others. Depending on the complementing ingredients, there will be different actions of the mask.

Tomato juice benefits for skin and hair

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  • Regular grinding of the skin with juice helps to lighten the tone of the face without the influence of chemical preparations.
  • The flesh of tomatoes can regulate the work of the sebaceous glands, reducing excessive sweating. To do this, you just wipe your face with a ripe cut tomato and leave it for 15 minutes. During this time, the juice will penetrate deep into the dermis. Mask should be thoroughly rinsed with cold water. The procedure can be done twice a day.
  • Fresh juice is excellent for cleansing the pores of the skin. If there is no time to prepare it, cut the tomato and put half in the sugar. Then, with gentle massage movements, wipe your face, thus removing dirt and dead cells of the epidermis.
  • A drink made from tomatoes regulates the pH level of the skin. Heal's irritation, itching, and redness of the skin. Try to add tomato juice to unsweetened yogurt and put it on your face. Hold for a while and rinse with cold water.
  • One of the most important advantages of this drink is its ability to narrow the pores. It has excellent astringent properties and is therefore indispensable for the skin with wide pores. Instead of using expensive lotions, just apply a mixture of healthy vegetables on your face before going to bed and leave for the night. In the morning, wash thoroughly and use a moisturizer.
  • The use of a healthy drink helps in the treatment of acne. This process takes a long time, so to see the result you should be patient. Rub the fresh juice with soft, massaging movements into the skin of the face. Wait an hour and wash. Repeat the procedure every day until the complete disappearance of acne.
  • There are benefits for the skin of tomato juice if it is applied in the form of a mask with the addition of ripe avocado pulp. This procedure reduces the fat content of the face, narrows the pores and moisturizes the skin.
  • Thanks to a large number of antioxidants, it is a good tool for treating sunburn. It promotes the rapid restoration of damaged cells.
  • Lack of collagen is the main cause of aging of the skin. Scientists have found that tomatoes stimulate the formation of this protein, which is responsible for maintaining the elasticity and elasticity of the skin. Therefore, regular consumption of juice brings huge benefits for the beauty and youth of the face skin.
Tomato juice

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The benefits of tomatoes for hair

Many girls, of course, initially do not believe that a tomato can positively affect the hair, but a rich composition explains the use of this vegetable for hair. First of all, it must be said that tomatoes are enriched with large amount of microelements.

Masks from tomatoes contain a lot of vitamins, which are in the vegetable. The combination of microelements and vitamins contributes to the strengthening of hair, their healing, and beauty.

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In tomato, there is a fairly large amount of folic acid, for this reason, if used improperly, tomato masks may not do the same as we are talking about, so it is very important to follow simple rules for their use.

How to apply tomato juice for hair correctly?

The use of tomato for hair is obvious, but it is very important to properly apply the mask with the addition of a vegetable.

Having studied the important rules of using this mask, you can improve your own locks, make them stronger and thicker at home.

  • Tomato hair mask cannot harm, but still, before applying it, you need to check whether you are allergic to external application of the vegetable. Simply rub the vegetable on your wrist and wait about 10 minutes. The sensitive skin will become irritated, nothing will appear on the normal one, and you can safely apply the mask on your hair;
  • When preparing mask from fresh tomatoes, give preference to the vegetables that picked directly from gardens or farms. Since the tomato from the store simply may not have a natural composition like a tomato directly from farms.
  • Very often, in order to make it easier to peel the tomato, scald the vegetable with hot water. When you prepare mask for hair from tomatoes, peel the skin only from fresh, not scalded tomato, as boiling water rids the vegetable of many useful substances;
  • Green tomatoes are also used to make masks, but they are much harder to turn into puree, which is necessary for the mask;
  • A tomato hair mask is applied to clean, naturally-stripped strands;
  • After applying the finished mask, the head should be covered with a food film or cellophane bag. You can also put a towel on it;
Tomato benefits


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  • Keep the mask on your hair for not more than 30-40 minutes;
  • If there is no oil or honey in the mask with tomatoes, it is washed off under the water at room temperature; if the oils and honey are present in the mask, you will need to rinse your hair with shampoo (preferably with a product that does not contain parabens);
  • A full-scale hair care mask from tomatoes can only be provided if the course of treatment is at least a month.

In general, tomato masks are able to give the face and hair a radiant, healthy color and softness. As you have seen, tomato benefits for skin and hair cannot be overemphasized.

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