Young man left heartbroken after his girlfriend broke up with him because he's ugly

Young man left heartbroken after his girlfriend broke up with him because he's ugly

- Young man was dealt a blow by girlfriend who broke up with him

- Her reason for jilting him was that he was ugly

- According to the young man, he has done nothing to deserve such treatment

A young man is left heartbroken after his girlfriend ended their relationship. The girlfriend who he identified as Melanie chatted him up to tell him about her decision to break up with him and put a stop to their “friendship”.

The man whose Twitter handle points him out as @andresarrayo08 admitted to being heartbroken after the lady said she was not interested in them having a future together. He was evidently surprised because according to him, he had treated her better than any other man she ever met.

When he made this point clear to the girl, she acknowledged it as a fact and even added that he was the best guy she had been with. But then, she also insisted that she couldn’t continue with their relationship because he was bad for her appearance and was not cute enough to meet her standard.

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She particularly used a striking metaphor to pass across her message: “I need a piece of eye candy on my arm.”

Resignedly, @andresarroyo08 expressed regret for failing to match up to her expectations and when she did offer to pick up her things from his house, he decided against it saying she was the last person he wanted to see.

Young man's messages

Young man heartbroken after girl left him Photo source: Twitter user andresarroyo08

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This showed just how deeply hurt he felt by her rejection of him and his appearance. Taking to Twitter to share the recent experience, the man who was based in Dinuba, Canada had this to say:

"She Hella Broke My Heart All Cause I Aint Good Looking Enough"

But it would seem he was not the only one at a loss. It turned out that @andresarroyo08 had bought an iPhone 7+ which he intended to give to his girlfriend. The sweet gesture was done in a loved up attempt to ensure that they had and used similar phones.

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However, the young man was not privileged to gift the lady with the phone before the break up and so she lost out on the opportunity of owning the Apple based product. Explaining further, the well-to-do youth said he was going to give the girl the phone when she started school but now he got to keep both phones:

"Girl Broke My Heart But Jokes On Her I'm Keeping The S*** I Bought Her‍♂️��‍♂️"

After sharing his sad and eye-catching story on Twitter, the man in question found consolation in the comments of many tweeps. But some other people could not help but make reference to the fact that @andresarroyo08 was really ugly.

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