Nigerian lady gives reasons why runs girls should be respected

Nigerian lady gives reasons why runs girls should be respected

Runs girls are another name for call girls. These ladies are not exactly prostitutes since their modus operandi differs from that of the ladies of the night.

A Nigerian lady recently took to her Twitter page to share reasons why runs girls should be respected even though one may not support what they do.

See her post below:

“Girls actually think they can pull sugar daddy anytime they want. Runs girls put in so much work in their Everything, From strategic positioning, to their body package , their skin , Aura. Lmaooo, because you have a pretty face , you think you can land a senator anytime, anyhow.

You people think it’s easy meeting the big bucks and actually getting them to ask you out. Dear joro, I don’t want to engage in Runs or sell my body like those girls. If it’s easy , why are lots of girls standing on the road.

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Selling sexual Favour’s for peanuts? Bi*ch, you couldn’t pull a sugar daddy if you tried so respect those OGs and ask them to recruit and train you if you re that interested, Instead of bashing them or quietly join me in working 9 to 5 and earn your peanuts.

It’s not jazz, I know a girl, that doesn’t enter sun, And she was a student , how student no go dey enter sun please? . Room is 24hrs AC, Generator running 24hrs, As back as 2013, she was on fruit and vegetables only for her skin.

Skin be like Glossy Milk When last did you work out , Eat healthy, Put in work on your body, Do your kegels , Take your vitamin supplements, With your big belly you’re chatting s*it like “I can make easy money but I don’t want to do runs And besides you don’t even have guts. Fear of Ritual go wan kill u.

My point is, These Girls dey put in work. You might not approve but Don’t Trivialize their hard work because that shiit no easy. And you couldn’t even do it even if you wanted to."

This is coming after another lady took to her own Twitter page to reveal that she wants a man who will stay at home and take care of the kids.

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