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Most developed countries in Africa

Most developed countries in Africa

Africa is a beautiful part of the world with its diverse minerals, climate, culture, ethnic composition, and languages. Recently Africa has demonstrated both stable economic growth and technological development. The quality of life in most economically developed countries in Africa is approaching the likes of Asia and Europe.

Most developed countries in Africa

The most objective criterion for determining the wealth of the continent is the GDP value, which states its economic development and living standards. Thus, having considered the official GDP, we can single out the richest and the most developed African countries.

The top 10 most developed countries in Africa


This republic is located on the west of the Indian Ocean islands in the equatorial zone north of Madagascar. The primary income is tourism because of its beautiful nature, warm climate, and a sufficient security level. Also, due to greatly developed infrastructure and a high index of human development this country has found its place on the list of the most developed countries on the continent.

Equatorial Guinea

It is located on the Atlantic Ocean coast in central Africa. The wealth of this country is from oil exports and favorable geographic position. Thus, it provides access to the ocean and makes available rapid oil delivery to America and Europe.


It is located in South of Africa and has rather severe natural conditions because the Kalahari Desert occupies the 70% of the territory. The economy of the country depends on the diversity and abundance of minerals. The country country diamond, gold, oil, nickel, copper, manganese, cobalt, lead, zinc, coal, asbestos, sulfur, talc, bromine, platinum, silver, uranium, and chromium. However, the wealth of this country is provided mainly by diamonds.


It is located in Central Africa on the Atlantic coast in the zone of moist equatorial forests. More than 80% of the population is concentrated in cities, while the country's wealth is from oil, gas, manganese and uranium.

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African countries


It has an almost similar location to Seychelles. However, the economy tourism, as well as by the sugar and textile production.

South Africa

South Africa is known to be well developed because of oil, diamonds, gold, and platinum. It also has an excellent production of food, chemical goods, automobiles, and various types of equipment.


The country is located on the Mediterranean Sea coast and it is specialized in agriculture, oil, and tourism spheres.


This North African country is located on the Mediterranean coast. Algeria is one of the largest exporter of oil in Africa.


It is located in the South of Africa. It's placed in the top ten developed countries in Africa because it is rich in copper, gold, lead, zinc, tin, silver, tungsten and natural gas.


Angola is situated almost in the center of Africa and has access to the Atlantic Ocean. Since the most territory is a mountainous area, there are mined diamonds, iron ore, gold, and oil. Its natural resources are bought mainly by China, the USA, and France.

Here should be also mentioned Egypt, which is situated in the north of the continent and has a strong economy. Thus, it is deservedly on the list of Africa's most developed countries. It has a population of more than 99 million people with a rather high level of GDP. Annually Egypt attracts millions of tourists with its well-kept resorts and majestic architecture. However, there are some security problems and often occur in terrorist acts.

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South Africa

How to chose the most economically developed countries in Africa?

Here should be mentioned the main factors affecting the countries wealth. Thus, the economic well-being of the most developed countries in Africa is provided by:

  • the availability of minerals;
  • the advantageous geographical position;
  • the historical development;
the skillful management of the country in every sector.

However, the mineral resources and geographical location are mostly dominated among Africa's most developed countries, and these will not guarantee continued success. Until the recent past, Libya was considered to be one of the developed countries in Africa. But it lost its position during the way.

So, if you want to visit one of the most developed countries in Africa, choose one from the 10 top countries we have listed for you to make the best decision! We also must admit that Nigeria has all the chances to be called the most developed, we hope his soon.

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