South African pastor Alph Lukau shows off his luxurious life (photos, video)

South African pastor Alph Lukau shows off his luxurious life (photos, video)

Men of God seem to be doing particularly well in recent times, when it comes to living large. The example of Biodun Fatoyinbo, T.B Joshua and Matthew Ashimolowo are all reflective of this large lifestyle. Joining the list of these luxury lifestyle is Pastor Alph Lukau.

Recently, a lot of Nigerians have become wary of African pastors whose lifestyles are extravagant. These pastors live the life that even an average Nigerian cannot boast of. Their messages and ministerial mannerisms very well match their luxurious living.

But even as these pastors are constantly trolled for their expensive life, many more of these men of God join the luxury throng.

Pastor Alph Lukau is a South African pastor who founded Alleluia Ministries International in 2002. The man of God is reported to be able to heal any kind of illness brought before him. In fact, the man of God himself claimed that he could raise the dead.

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The church has grown significantly since then and now boasts hundreds of thousands of members across many branches in several countries like South Africa, Zambia, Namibia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Europe and even in South America.

According to Alleluia Ministries' website, Pastor Lukau is also a Bible scholar, coach, mentor, and spiritual father to many followers.

In addition, he is an entrepreneur. His wife, Celeste Lukau, serves with him in his Johannesburg-based church. The couple reportedly donate to charity regularly.

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However, it is their penchant for a luxurious lifestyle that has likely caught many people's attention. The young pastor who is said to be worth about 1 billion dollars has a lot of luxurious items to his name.

Pastor Lukau's social media pages are full of pictures of his private jet and luxury cars, including a Rolls-Royce.

The pastor recently shared a controversial photo of himself disembarking from his private jet. Also, apart from his Rolls-Royce, he also has a Range Rover and a top-of-the-range motorcycle.

Pastor Lukau's never fails to dazzle his congregation with his expensive rides and once in a while, he makes a grand entrance to his church, complete with a convoy. See the video of him making an occasion out of a church service:

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The man of God always takes time to travel in style with various expensive rides like this sparkling Bentley owned by him. Even more, he always flaunts off himself as he travels around the world. His attires and poise carry such glamour that it is easy enough for him to make a prayer point out of it.

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