If she has these features, make her your future - Reno Omokri says

If she has these features, make her your future - Reno Omokri says

- Reno Omokri shares nuggets on how to identify a wife material on Twitter

- Many tweeps seek him out for relationship advice

- The controversial Nigerian further asked about the qualities of a husband material

Reno Omokri, controversial political commentator, took a break from his political undertakings to address something which often is a run-of-the-mill issue when it comes to matters concerning relationships.

For many, starting a relationship is not usually a problem but validating whether a person they are dating is worth taking to the altar is usually where the challenge comes.

Most men who have to make the choice regarding marriage have confessed to having a hard time when it comes to deciding if their girlfriend is a proper wife material.

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Reno who is a Nigerian political commentator ventured to simplify the criteria a man must look out for in a woman in confirming if she is "The One". The pundit laid out his points by playing upon words which made his advice all the more interesting.

According to Reno, a wife material should not just be romantic but should be able to truly love. She must also be a highly relevant person that is not materialistic. The author’s criteria also extended to the lady’s ability to stick around even when her man was broke. He also did not exclude the fact that she must be prayerful, have a great fashion sense and must be a passionate lover.

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Without much surprise, the post of the active oppose of the APC administration garnered a lot of attention and responses. Many Twitter users especially the men had a lot of questions for the author. Some of the questions were complicated issues that revolved around the laid down qualities posted by Reno.

While one tweep wanted to know if he could marry a lady who despite having all these qualities was three years older than he was, another wanted to know if a lady that could not “play” but met every other criteria could still be taken to the altar.

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A trickle of people however made sure to point out that women were not exactly the problem when it came to relationships, men were. A lady particularly asked the bestseller to also feature a post that listed the qualities of a husband material:

Some ladies saw this as an opportunity to come out bold and declare themselves as a proper fit for any man:

These days, people are known to give several relationship advices to others on social media.

Recently, Legit.ng featured a story of a lady who called out women who become intimate with men on a first date. According to her, these women simply played cheap and whatever transpired between these women and their date was not love at first sight, but something rather valueless.

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