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The holy bible is the holy bible, whether on a phone or in print - Alibaba explains

The holy bible is the holy bible, whether on a phone or in print - Alibaba explains

Famous Nigerian comedian Alibaba recently took to his Instagram page to share a lengthy post about pastors who insist that their church members must read only print copies of the bible as against reading from phones or tablets.

He added that if they insist, then they should go back to using donkeys like in biblical times. The entertainment personality added that men of God should stop causing disunity in the church

Read his post below:

“Let me address this matter now. The holy bible is a manual for all Christians. It's the holy book. It is not the physical bible that gives life. It's the words in it. Many instruments have been used to preserve the word of God and passed on for Many years.

The words have remained the same despite the various changes in the instruments that transmission, sorry transmits the message. So, if the words are on a cloth, wood, glass, leather, wall, usb, phone, tablet, steel or even tattoo, it's the same word.

The word cannot be reduced by the instruments that carry it. That's the power of the word. So next time your Pastor says you must read the word from a printed bible, tell him I said he should go wear robes just like the priests back in the days. Yes. Because the priests back in the days had defined clothes.

The places of worship also must fit certain instructs. Did the bible say places of worship must have air conditioning? Did the bible say offerings can be collected with POS? Did the bible say many things that are being practised today as many churches do?

Where was the verse that converted the farm produce, that was tithes, to cash? How many of the the pastors use a donkey? Since that was what Jesus used. How many still read from scrolls? Or write on leather or papyrus paper? Men of God should stop causing disunity in the church.

The purpose of evangelism is to spread the word. The instruments or what you use to transmit the word is not what makes the word holy. THE WORD IS HOLY ALL BY ITSELF. This is exactly why the issue of not watching television in Deeper Life was flawed.

The argument of distraction by other television programmes is pedestrian. On a buffet spread you take what concerns you. I go to church. Open to the book of Mark. I open. If a message comes up, that distracts me, it's not about the bible. Are there no women around, does it stop you from being a husband? Its about purpose.

There is a purpose for everything. Money is evil to some but a tool to others. Does that mean money is bad? You apply the instrument to your purpose. The Holy bible is the Holy bible. Whether on a phone or in print. The word is not to be limited. Go ye and multiply.”

This is coming after Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo was spotted asking church members to sow a seed of N360,000.

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