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Nigerian lady replies tweep, says it is impossible for a man not to cheat

Nigerian lady replies tweep, says it is impossible for a man not to cheat

- A Nigerian lady joins the throng of women who believes that it is impossible for men to be faithful

- She expressed her view on Twitter in response to a statement made by another tweep

Cheating is easy, try something more challenging like being faithful. This wise quote brings to light one of the many issues that plague many marriages and send them tumbling down. This undoubtedly is the issue of cheating.

As much as this issue very much concerns both partners in a marriage, it very much is usually narrowed down to the men within a union. Oftentimes, it is believed that males often cheat on their wives and this cannot be taken away from them.

However, the level of beliefs differs. While some believe that only a few men cheat believe they are pushed to, others believe that many men cheat even while married but there are still few men who are disciplined enough not to cheat.

Nigerian lady

Nigerian lady talks about men Photo source: Twitter user precy

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Some others however think that all men cheat and that they would do so in whatever circumstance they find themselves.

It is in this bracket of people that a Nigerian lady duly identified as @precy_Q on Twitter belongs to. Taking to Twitter to air her thoughts, Precy asserted that faithfulness on the part of a man was utterly impossible. She didn’t believe that a man would stay faithful to his wife under any circumstances.

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Fueling her belief, Precy insisted that even if a man was well kept under the sea, he would definitely look for a beautiful mermaid and sleep with her, thereby, cheating on whoever had hid him away.

The beautiful Nigerian did not just state her thought in a vacuum, she was only prompted to do so when a fellow tweep made a comment about wanting a stay-at-home husband.

The reason the fellow Twitter user called Scilla gave for wanting a stay-at-home husband is that the husband would be able to be at home, take care of all the house chores, cater for the children and most importantly, this husband would not cheat on her.

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This statement made by the woman attracted a whole lot of other comments that touched on how Scilla should let a man be the man he is meant to be. The tweep in response pointed out that these responses stank of patriarchy. Another hinted that he was a perfect fit for a stay-at-home husband:

The comment made by Precy, however, pointed in another direction. Precy in countering this woman’s expectations made a reference to The Intern, a 2015 American comedy-drama film that features the life of Jules Ostin, a struggling Chief Executive Officer and mom, whose stay-at-home husband Matt cheats on her with another mother in their child’s school.

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Reactions have trailed the Nigerian lady's comment with the strikingly apt allusions. Some particularly pointed out that it wouldn't exactly be out of place if a man put under the sea slept with a mermaid as they are beautiful creatures. But others who were disgusted by the fact that they were part-fishes said the blame would be on the man for doing so:

An agitated man said it was a matter of hasty generalisation to say all men cheat:

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Earlier, had reported about a woman who took to social media to gush about a handsome taxi driver she met. The sheer fact that the man was nice-looking caused the lady to contact him with the hope of marrying him soon enough. According to her, if the man did not respond soon enough, she would look for him and force him into a marriage.

Evidently, while this lady expressed full confidence in men, Precy with her fitting allusion to a comic movie and the inference to mermaids established a premise and made her position clear: all men cheat regardless of whatever curb is put in place to check it and so she was not ready to condone any of them.

So, do you support Scilla or Precy’s views or do you have a fresh opinion of your own?

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