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Knee-deep in love: Filipino couple gets married in the murky waters of a flooded church (photos, video)

Knee-deep in love: Filipino couple gets married in the murky waters of a flooded church (photos, video)

One look at the bathroom slippers of the husband can make a person tempted to ask if the occasion is a wedding or a regular church service that just happened to occur after the rains.

But the full white regalia of the beautiful wife is enough to remind us that truly a wedding is indeed about to take place. True love has been known to produce a strange magic that can stand the test of time or in this case the test of the flood.

A couple who are natives of the Philippines proved that they were ready to cement their love and togetherness with their daunting move to continue their wedding in a church that was erstwhile flooded by heavy rains.

The flood that happened a while before the couple had planned to tie the knot left the church flooded with water. The overflowing water that submerged the the Santo Rosario Church in Hagonoy, Bulacan was a consequence of the fresh downpours that have assailed Philippines in recent times.

Knee-deep in love

Knee-deep in love: Filipino couple gets married in flooded church Photo source: Facebook user Banarez Bautista Tere

Coupled with the fact that it is the rainy season in southwestern regions of Asia, a tropical storm called Yagi amplified the effects of the rain and made it reach such an alarming intensity.

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Regardless of the heavy rains, the Filipino couple performed their wedding ceremony and celebrated their nuptial in style. The duo whose names are Jefferson and Jobel de los Angeles made sure the wedding was executed with such poise and mannerism of a normal wedding.

Knee-deep in love: Filipino couple gets married in the murky waters of a flooded church (photos, video)

Bare feet guests Photo source: Facebook user Banarez Bautista Tere

One particular difference of course is the lack of shoes at the event. From the groom to the bridesmaids, family members and guests, most people could be seen on bare feet at the event. The bride might not have been excluded, but her white flowing gown did enough to hide her feet.

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Besides celebrating the partners who despite the unfavourable condition of the church made sure to celebrate their love, it is also a matter of necessity to put in the spotlight the guests who came out in their numbers to grace the occasion.

While some people dressed informally in shorts and T-shirts to the event, a lot more still took the time out to look good and wear their best in commemorating the couple’s love.

Two children were already born to the pair and one of these two lovelies was being baptized by the church on the same day. This evidently was another reason for the couples to celebrate and disregard the uncomfortable wetness of the environment.

Knee-deep in love

Friends come out to celebrate wet wedding Photo source: Facebook user Banarez Bautista Tere

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Everybody loves a good love story so it was no surprise that the aunt of the bride took to Facebook to share the happy wedding of her niece and her husband. The aunt also made sure to intimate the world with the affairs of the curious wedding via YouTube.

Meanwhile, shared the story of a mother who married her 7-year-son in a touching Beauty and the Beast themed wedding. The boy who has a terminal illness called Leukodystrophy has nothing more than a few years to live and the mother wanted him to have the foretaste of what he might get to miss eventually in life. Love indeed breaks into new frontiers every each day.

Many congratulations from people all over the world were in order for the Filipino couple who defied all odds to solemnize their happily-ever-after.

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