Meet the Ivorian artist who has gone all shades of creative with her hair (photos)

Meet the Ivorian artist who has gone all shades of creative with her hair (photos)

Creativity takes courage! A beautiful artist from Ivory Coast is practicing the art of sculpting with courage and showing us a side of art we all never thought was possible.

Ladies are by far creative with their hair, no doubt. Because in order to keep their hair colourful and attractive, they have to be very inventive in a way that we dare say conforms to the principles of true art.

But how innovative can a lady be with her hair? An artistically gifted Ivorian lady is proving that there is so much a woman can do with her sheen of a hair - braiding, fixing, twisting and yes sculpting.

True enough, the art of sculpting has been known to be perfected with various moulding articles like clay, ceramic, metal, bronze and so much more. But never before has anyone been known to sculpt with the hair.

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This unconventional art form practiced by the Ivorian whose name is Laetitia Ky is performed in its living form as the gorgeous dark-skinned woman sculpts objects and people with the hair on her head!

Most times, the sculpted images complement her look and poses which give them more life and artistic bearing. Political and social affairs are usually reflected through the weird hairstyles she does.

Her artistic styles are made to produce several effects with the help of several equipments like wires, pins, needles, coat hangers and threads. The beautiful pieces of artistry the visual artist does on her head are basically meant to amuse her over 120,000 followers on Instagram who also are potential clients as well as pass across feminist induced messages to them.

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Laetitia Ky is also a fashion designer whose fashion brand Kystroy is known to produce beautiful clothes from a fusion of African prints and denim fabrics. This lady who is talented beyond any question was painted by an artist that was thoroughly inspired by her “hair-dos”.

This is not surprising as Laetitia always provides an inspiring background to every artistically inspiring work of art she does. Some of her background stories give insights into her personal struggles with her body and the need for one to embrace one’s self whichever way:

"Throughout my life, I've had different things that I've been self conscious about, from having a hairy body to having a belly to having chubby arms. One thing that constantly bothered me, though, was the gap in my front teeth; I would see pictures everywhere of people smiling, all their teeth lined up together, statistics about how your smile is the first thing people notice about you, and so on. I hated smiling in pictures with my teeth, and would always keep my mouth closed if I could/make sure I wasn't opening my mouth too wide when talking to people.

One day, I read an article of an interview with @fkatwigs talking about how she loved her tooth gap, and it totally changed my outlook! I was also told by my dentist that it's actually better to have a gap because bacteria doesn't get stuck there as easily, and I decided not to get braces. Now, it's been years, and I totally embrace having a tooth gap, because humanity's diversity is what makes us beautiful ❤️"

But even more, she uses the Instagram platform, where she is identified as @laetitiaky, and her eccentric plaits as a social commentary that addresses contemporary issues that confront humans especially the womenfolk. The 21-year-old is particularly big on motivating ladies going through any form of sexual abuse or oppression to speak out. Several of her works of art mirror this fact. Here’s one you will find interesting:

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Indeed, art is a passion that is meant to evoke thoughts and feelings and this is what this Ivorian does. Due to her gifted hands, Laetitia has been a guest at various prolific interviews and talk shows that seek to learn a lesson or two on the art of making one’s hair into an artistic canvas.

Being a hair stylist, she has also been known to style the hair of popular artists that celebrate African nativity and indigenous cultures. An example is the renowned female singer Dija.

In an interview with BBC, Laetitia established her stance as a feminist who is touched by every challenge and domestic issue faced by women. But then, she made it clear that she doesn’t “think that one needs to be a feminist in order for this kind of thing to affect us. To be human is enough.”

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