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Amputee actress shares cute new photos, says 'follow your heart' (photos)

Amputee actress shares cute new photos, says 'follow your heart' (photos)

An ambitious, courageous queen! That’s the way Doris a beautiful Nigerian lady describes herself. The lady who is also a budding actress is an amputee with a single leg to herself.

But with this one lower limb, she is slowly stepping out into the world and basking in its sunshine. The cute photos of herself which she shares say a lot about her.

Doris Samuel Akonanya, a Nigerian amputee, is proving to be an inspiration to as many people as cross paths with her. Despite her disability, she is living life in the best possible way and loving herself like no one else can.

Recently, the stunning beauty who is a Nollywood actress took to her Instagram page to showcase pictures that show not just her strength of character but also her beauty.

In these new pictures, she was on a low cut, a black camisole and a black and white striped skirt that revealed her stump by a tad. Regardless of the stump, Doris posed gracefully to the camera and flaunted herself admirably.

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The ebony skinned lady who grew up in Bayelsa state became short on one leg after she was hit by a motorcycle in a ghastly accident. After the incident, she almost gave up on life but through the help of her mother, she was able to to start living again.

With sheer courage, Doris gained admission into Nnamdi Azikwe University where she studied Theatre Arts. Now, she is well known for her great acting skills for which she has featured in movies like Tears of Destiny and Python Burial.

But even more, the talented Nigerian lady is appreciated for her ability to achieve seemingly impossible tasks like swimming, make up artistry and dancing (the dancing part has got the attention of many followers who are glued to her page to see what next she comes with it).

With her encouraging words and carefree attitude, Doris also gives motivation to a lot of people. In the recent photos she shared, she poured out her heart and fired up as many as read her words:

"Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition."

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The short haired Nigerian beauty made it clear here that following one’s heart and not dogma or the voice of people around is the best way to live one’s life to the fullest in a limited time.

With regard to the pictures she shared, many of Doris’s followers did not fail to mention that she was very beautiful so that even Rita Edochie a veteran Nollywood actress acknowledged this fact.

Meanwhile, shared the story of a pretty lady on wheelchair who believed that she was stronger than her disability. She equally posted beautiful photos of herself that instantly became an internet sensation.

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Really, in line with her Instagram user name @dorisstillsmiling, Doris is showing that in spite of the odds she has faced in life, she still intends to keep on a smiling face. She alongside many other disabled people around the world is making it clear to the world that to be physically challenged does not mean one is disabled, it only means such one is differently abled.

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