How masked DSS gunmen stormed the National Assembly and other trending topics on TV

How masked DSS gunmen stormed the National Assembly and other trending topics on TV

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The week in review has been a very interesting one, so get ready to enjoy our weekly digest on the top trending videos you can find on TV page this week.

1. Nigeria Latest News - How Masked DSS Gunmen Stormed the National Assembly (The True Story)

This is one of the biggest stories that made headline in Nigeria this week; so if you want to know all the juicy details on what really went down with DSS at the National Assembly, make sure you don't skip this clip.

2. News Nigeria Today: Who is Nigeria’s Smartest Politician?

This week, our video hit the streets to ask Nigerians this interesting question - "who is Nigeria's smartest politician?". The answers are both interesting and funny; watch the clip to find out if your favorite politicians were mentioned.

3. Top 3 Poorest Countries: Where People Have To Live On A Dollar A Day?

The fact that some people actually survive on less that $1 a day is a sad reality that many hope would just go away. While we hope for a lot of economies to pick up and for the standard of living to improve for many, here is a short clip on the top 3 poorest countries in the world.

4. Cartoon Comedy: What Is Waiting For Mary?

With so many troubling issues going on in the country, we usually cannot go a whole week without giving our viewers good comedy contents to brighten up their day and add a little laughter to their lives. So get a piece of the fun by checking out this short comedy clip.

5. Primate Ayodele’s Predictions About The Upcoming 2019 Elections

The uncertainties trailing the forthcoming 2019 elections has really kept some people on the edge, and most people can honestly not wait for it to come and go. So many famous people have also been sharing their opinions on how the elections would go down; watch this interesting clip about Primate Ayodele's prediction.

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