Daughter of Russian rapper Timati throws his phone into the sea, Nigerians react (video)

Daughter of Russian rapper Timati throws his phone into the sea, Nigerians react (video)

It is common knowledge that children can be such a handful so that it takes the most patient of parents not to become frustrated at their misdeeds. But the question is how much can even the most patient ones take from a child?

3-year-old Alesya daughter of famous Russian rapper Timati just passed a strong message to her father telling him that with her, he should be ready to take as much mischief as possible.

The beautiful blond-haired girl who was on a sea vacation with him wore a white gown as well as a beautiful expression on her face as she watched her father talk on the phone with a receiver on the other end.

All at once, she wanted his attention and kept calling out for it. As much as she could, she screamed his name and prodded him while he sat on the deck of the ship they were cruising. Timati on the other hand was intent on completing his conversation with his caller.

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He stretched forth his hand to ask his daughter who was standing by what she wanted and to hold on some more. Rather than listen to her father, Alesya took the expensive looking phone and threw it into the sea.

Of course, the well acclaimed rapper who is also a businessman looked stunned. Rising up from his seat in his T-shirt, pair of shorts and hat, Timati went to the rails to the ship to either steady himself or look at his phone which was gone for good.

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Whatever the case, his reaction after the incident has left many stunned. Rather than breathe fire, Timati simply looked at his daughter who was chuckling and making funny faces. He then went back to the deck to sit down.

The thriving businessman however made sure to ask the growing kid why she did what she did. And to this, she simply said it was better that way.

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You want to know what other people think of the girl’s actions? Well, a Twitter user identified as @suzy_qb_ posted the video on Twitter in order to get the sincere reaction of people. Suzy as she is called did well to put an introduction to the video before asking her question:

"LMAO That's the most famous Russian rapper and businessman Timati...

His daughter is everything to him.

He asked her: Alesya, what did you do?!

She said: It's better this way "

Many Nigerians have reacted to the video in rather hilarious manners. A few rebuked the girl saying the action she displayed was an element of the toxic destructive trait in her:

However, many more wanted to know if Alesya had a mother because the mother would have been the best person to vent out on instead of the little girl. Suzy however replied that the 3-year-old girl did not really have a mother figure in her life:

In light of this, majority of Nigerians agreed that if they were to be in the father’s position, there was nothing they could have done except to buy a new phone.

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