African man gets very emotional after finding his car stolen 19 years ago (photos)

African man gets very emotional after finding his car stolen 19 years ago (photos)

A man took to social media to share his excitement over the recovery of his car after it was stolen almost two decades ago.

Hcar stolen is one of the worst things that could happen but with today's technology like car trackers, recovery is much easier.

But, what about those people whose cars were stolen during times vehicle recovery technology was not available?

Well, one social media user thought he had permanently said goodbye to his silver BMW which was stolen from the doctors quarters where he worked almost 19 years ago.

Man and car
Man who gets very emotional after finding his car Photo source: Twitter user @mrbigzie

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The Twitter user identified as @mrbigzie got a surprise when his car which he supposed was lost forever was recovered almost two decades after being stolen.

The emotional man took to his Twitter page to share his happiness. According to him, the beautiful car was stolen in Portland, South Africa in the doctors' quarters of a hospital. He couldn't believe his ears when the police called him and told him his car had been recovered:

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"19 years ago this beauty was stolen in Port Elizabeth from the doctors quarters. Police phoned me today. It was recovered. I am tearing right now."

However, although @mrbigzie was excited to get his old whip back, he has since moved on to a bigger and better car. But he was grateful that his old car was found.

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However, regardless of having a new Mercedes-Benz AMG, social media users found it interesting that the police managed to still recover the car even after so many years.

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