How to create Whatsapp invite link?

How to create Whatsapp invite link?

We want to tell you how to create invite link in WhatsApp. Read on to find out different methods and choose the most convenient one for you.

How to create Whatsapp invite link?

How to create WhatsApp group invite link

In most cases, only the admin of the group can add new members. The admin is required to save a phone number of a new member on his/her mobile phone. But with the help of WhatsApp invite link, you can add new contacts in a much easier way. So, here we have a quick method to add new members.

How to add a new member?

At first, you need to create a group. To do this follow the steps:

  • Go to chat screen of WhatsApp
  • Find in the top corner of the screen “new group” button
  • Tap the button and add the members to the group from your contact list
Whatsapp invite link

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  • Tap on photo box to add the icon of the group
  • The next step is to add name of the group
  • Tap “finish" button when the process is done

Now you are ready to create WhatsApp invite link, here are several ways to do it.

First method:

  • Open “WhatsApp” on your phone
  • Open Group conversation point
  • Find menu and press “Three Dotted” button at the top right side of the phone screen
  • Select “Group Info” option
  • Select “Add Participant…” point and tap on “Invite to the group via link” option

After that, the four options below should open:

  1. Send Link via WhatsApp
  2. Copy Link
  3. Share Link
  4. Revoke link
Whatsapp menu


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You can choose any needed point, for example, to send the link to WhatsApp contacts, press “send a link via WhatsApp”.

How to create GB WhatsApp invite link?

Another way to create such a link is to do it with the help of GB WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp is a version of the same application but with some extra features for better use. GBWA is becoming more popular and here is the method to create invite link in the GB version.

  • Download and install the application, if you still don’t have it
  • For proper work of GB new version, it is better to delete old application
  • Open GB application and enter your number for verification
  • When the process is done, you can back up your data
  • Select the desirable group for the invitation link
  • In the menu of a group select “Group info”
  • Here you can see “+” button
  • The next point to choose is “invite group via link option”
  • And here you have the link to invite new members of the group

Use WA Prime APK to create WhatsApp invite link

With the help of this method you even don’t have to receive the permission of admin to add a new member to the group. Remember that invited participants can open the link only with the help of WhatsApp. One more method is to use WA Prime APK to create the invitation link.

  • The first step is to uninstall the old version of WhatsApp
  • Download and install WA Prime APK app
  • Open WA Prime APK and with the help of the application open your WhatsApp account
  • Select a group to create the invitation link
  • In the menu select group info and press “add member” or “+” option
  • Press the point “invite group via the link”
Whatsapp group invite link

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  • Now you can copy the shown link and send it to the people you want to invite

How to start WhatsApp communication in a group without direct invitation

For this method, you should use GB WhatsApp

  • Open the application and select the needed group
  • Open menu, and again select “group info” and “add member” or “+” option
  • Select “invite group via the link”
  • Copy the link and send it to your friend whom you want to invite
  • Then verify the new member and it is done

There is no need to be an admin, to add new members using this method.

The advantages of using WhatsApp group invitation links:

  1. Time-saving method. There is no need to save the contact of a person on your phone
  2. It is open for anyone to join the group with the help of a link
  3. There are methods of an invitation without the permission of the admin

If there are advantages, there also may be some disadvantages. The only disadvantage is that someone can invite a spammer to your group.

Today WhatsApp is known and used all around the world. It is a great communication tool for millions of people. There is a useful function in the application that allows you to create communication groups and talk with all participants.

It's very helpful to learn how to create special WhatsApp invite link and add any person to the group. Actually, there is nothing difficult in creating such a link.

WhatsApp invite link also allows you to invite people from Twitter, Facebook or even Google+. Many people around the world consider WhatsApp as the best messaging application.

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