Nigerian man cries out after seeing an overloaded car in Anambra, says "we need help" (photo)

Nigerian man cries out after seeing an overloaded car in Anambra, says "we need help" (photo)

- Nigerian man sights car crammed with luggage in Anambra state

- He cried out on his Facebook page condemning those who stacked the car, saying Nigeria needs help

After spotting a car loaded with goods from top to bottom, a Facebook user identified as Patricks-Idoko-Iyke cried out, lamenting about the poor state of affairs in the nation.

The vehicle which was at that moment stationed in Anambra, was shown to be fully burdened with items tied up with large black polythene. This shocked the Nigerian man in question as he could not understand why anyone would convey goods or drive in a situation like that.

Patrick who spotted out that the car was a Peugeot 505 called out the people who stuffed the car full of freight by wryly asking if they didn’t love their lives.

stuffed car

Nigerian man cries after seeing an overloaded car in Anambra Photo Source: Facebook user Patricks-Idoko-Iyke

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To him, it was unthinkable and unimaginable that anyone would ever want to ride in a vehicle that was so packed up.

The observer went further to highlight that the automobile had buckled under the pressure of the immense weight and was in a fix with five jacks placed under it to repair the flat tyre it had acquired and revive the engine.

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The condition of the car, Patrick said was a slap on the faces of government road and law enforcement officials who had failed to let such a freight come under their watch.

Concluding his post, the patriotic Nigerian made a sad declaration to himself and his readers that we need help in Nigeria.

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See his post below:

"Do we really love our life? Was this 505 Peugeot car not loaded by human beings, to be driven by one still? From Onitsha market to somewhere in Benue state, but now stocked along the road in Nsukka, has it not passed the watch of law enforcement agents?

Now having a flat tyre around Nsukka, I spotted 5 jack underneath being used to lift the car, yet to no avail. We, need help..."

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