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Nigerian artist explains why he gets angry when reading the Bible

Nigerian artist explains why he gets angry when reading the Bible

- A young Nigerian man reveal that he is angry at the Biblical wise man, Solomon

- He is upset to know that the proverbial preacher did not find any use for his wisdom

- He shares his opinion on Facebook and draws multiple reactions from people

Patrick Chuka, a talented Nigerian man adept at the art of drawing portraits proved that he had no patience for reading the Bible after he left a revealing comment online.

The young artist who seemed to have gathered quite a number of friends that liked his creative works took to Facebook to share a disparaged thought of how he usually gets angry when reading the Bible.

He particularly focused on the life of Solomon and the well-known account of how he was given the prerogative of having one wish fulfilled by God.

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To the Nigerian artist who is based in California, USA, it didn’t make sense that Solomon asked for wisdom in the first place because there was no use for it at the time.

The pencil and paint artist went on to prove his assertion through witty inferences that centered around how the sage had held on to the “heavenly wisdom” just so he could ride with women.

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For Chuka, Solomon should have asked for other things that were better than wisdom. That he didn't use the wisdom as he should have made the Nigerian creative disappointed in the ancient man.

Patrick didn’t stop there. He also gave an encoded peek into what he would have asked for if he were in Solomon’s shoes.

See the post below and decide for yourself what his request would have been:

"Every time I'm reading the Bible and I come across the part where God asked Solomon for a wish, I get a surge of anger. Like Flaming vex from the base of my groin. The dude asked for just Wisdom. Just wisdom?

Wisdom to use and do what? Cook the miraculous wonder that is Afang soup? Then I read ahead to see what he actually achieved with the "Heavenly wisdom" and I'm like "Bruhhhhh, is this book f'ing wih me rii now?" I'm still very disappointed at the dude, ain't gon lie.

Oh yea he was rich (did he go to heaven with the wealth?) and had 1000 women riding him like a BMX. My people, I present to you things God given wisdom can be used for. There's literally so many better things he could have asked for, but homeboy picked "Wisdom".

Then I remember the genre of Literature The Bible falls under and my anger vanishes.

If God asked me now to ask for one thing, I'd ask him to ...

(This isn't blasphemy o, It's a term in Biology called "Stating facts", If you doubt, open a bible)."

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Several comments have trailed the post and for the most part they seemed to either endorse Chuka’s statement or warn him against incurring the wrath of Nigerians.

Read comments below:

It must be known that the Lagos born creative calls himself an Afro-experimental artist who draws inspiration from everything beautiful and African. He has a lot of black American inspired works to show for this.

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