Qualities of a real man that melt women's hearts

Qualities of a real man that melt women's hearts

While it is impossible to get into a woman’s head and learn for sure what she is thinking about, you can find out what women usually like in men and try to become a man of everyone’s dreams. Read about the qualities of a real man and be someone whom every woman would want to see beside her.

Qualities of a real man that melt women's hearts

Qualities of a real man in a relationship

Despite the years of all the essays, poems, books and romantic comedies that tried to unlock the mystery of a perfect man, some men still have no idea what are qualities of a man that attracts woman. Surely, all the women are different and we are unable to read their thoughts. However, evidence that a majority of women have a similar idea of qualities of a man worth dating.

These are characteristics that attract not only women but also people in general – niceness, kindness, a loyal nature. What are the qualities of a real man? Well, this is why you have us, keep reading and you'll find out everything about the qualities a real man should have.

According to multiple surveys, women appreciate a great and charming personality more than your physical appearance. This does not mean you should absolutely neglect your appearance – nobody would want to go out with a scruffy guy. This only means that you do not necessarily have to look like a Hollywood actor to win the heart of a girl you like. Develop your communication skills and become confident about yourself.

Here are some of the most popular traits that women find attractive, divided by categories: character traits, personality traits, practical skills and physical attributes. Each category will include the five most important traits that you should work on to make a long-lasting impression on this special woman, and become a perfect boyfriend for her.

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Character traits

  • Kindness. You have probably heard that quite often, younger women fall for “bad boys” because they seem mysterious and exciting. But in fact, when the woman is searching for a stable and lasting relationship, she is turned on by the man’s kindness and attention towards her. Do not wear a mask of a cold and inapproachable guy that are often shown in the movies – this behavior would only scare the woman away. To impress the lady of your heart, you have to make her feel special. You should do sweet little things for her, tell her compliments at random times, and just behave nicely. But do not forget that you should be kind not only to your date but other people as well. She will notice something suspicious if you shower her with loud cheesy words, but are rude and judgmental to those who surround you.
  • Faithfulness. Obviously, no woman likes it when the man is admiring other women, flirting with them, or even worse, cheating on her. If you really want a serious relationship with this girl, you should let her know all the time that she is the one for you – not only with words but also actions.
  • Moral integrity. Do not lie to her or keep secrets. Of course, you do not have to tell her that her best friend is annoying and you hate her or reveal your deepest, darkest secret. But sharing everything relevant with someone you love is definitely better than keeping something from them. Being honest is telling her about your plans, letting her know who you communicate with, and talking to her about your hobbies and interests. In case you did something wrong, admit and own up to your mistake.
  • Responsibility. No one likes the guys who say one thing and then do completely another. Every woman wants a responsible person by her side, which she can truly rely on. Being responsible is showing up in everyday little things, but it can make a really strong impression on your beloved woman. For example, completing little daily tasks that she is unable to for some reason (even if it is just buying bread at the bakery), or fulfilling your promise of taking her to the beach.
  • Being good with kids. Most women want to become mothers in the future, so if your partner really wants children, you need to be good with them. Being a good father means setting a good example for the kids, becoming a role model to them, and acting caring and patient towards the little ones. If by any chance you and your girlfriend end up babysitting little relatives, she has to see that you are great with small kids and they adore you. Of course, it is not easy to make every kid like you, as they are all different, but in general, children have a feeling when they encounter a kind-hearted person. So, if kids usually end up liking you, it is a good sign. By the way, the same thing applies to pets.

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Personality traits

  • Good sense of humor. As we all know, the world can be a stressful place. Many people are prone to fall victim to everyday stresses. If you are always complaining about how unfair the world is, and have zero sense of humor, it will not add you bonus points with women. Instead, you should be able to laugh it off and make your beloved woman forget about all the difficulties. Obviously, there has to be an appropriate time and place for a joke, and sometimes, in the especially difficult situations, joking might make things worse.
  • Passion. Do not listen to those people who think that the real man has to be reserved and not show any emotions. Women do not like when their man has no hobbies, no expectations, and just behaves like a plant. So, you should find something you are passionate about, no matter what it is, and be genuinely interested in it.
  • Intelligence. To hold meaningful conversations, you should at least know what is currently going on in the world, and have knowledge of many relevant subjects. Otherwise, your partner will quickly become bored with you. Apart from the intellectual intelligence, you should also know how to survive in this world and solve everyday problems. Everyone will feel safe with someone to rely on by their side, and your girlfriend is not an exception. Another type of intelligence is a psychological one, like the ability to communicate with different people and understand their personality features, or being capable of solving conflicts.
  • Confidence. Of course, we are all allowed to have our little insecurities. But in general, you have to work on yourself and be confident. This will make your girlfriend feel confident by your side too.
  • Generosity. Being generous does not only mean showering your lady with the expensive presents. Sometimes, women just want someone to listen to them and spend time with them. If you show her that you are willing to give her your time and be a good, reliable friend, she will appreciate it. Also, generosity means sharing – if you love someone, you will share what you have with them, even if it is the last slice of pizza.

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Practical skills

  • Listening and paying attention. Never make a mistake of being stuck in your phone or phasing out while your girlfriend is trying to tell you something. In case you really are not up for discussion (for instance, it has been a long day and you are tired), gently apologize and tell her that you can continue talking in the morning when you feel better.
  • Being romantic. Obviously, going over the top with the “cheese” is not recommended, but every single woman likes it when her man shows his romantic side. Surprise her with small things that she loves, be attentive to her wishes, tell her what you love about her, and make her feel like she is the princess.
  • Domestic skills. Research has shown that knowing at least a little bit of cooking will not only become a basic skill that will help you survive – it will also win your partner’s heart. Besides, these activities together will bring you closer.
  • Being good in bed. The woman needs to trust you to get intimate with you, and you have to know how to please her. Even if you have never had a girlfriend before, you need to learn at least the basic skills of intimacy.
  • Determination. If the man knows what he wants and works hard to make his desires come to life. Women like determined men who work their way up to completing their goals. This is closely tied to the responsibility part – through this little indication, your girlfriend will know that you are reliable and trustworthy.

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Physical attributes

  • Sense of fashion. You do not have to spend hours to find the perfect outfit. But you should possess at least a basic sense of style, so your woman will feel comfortable and confident when she is with you. If your girlfriend has a good fashion sense and always dresses beautifully and tidily, you need to match her too. It is recommended to wear clothes of good quality, which will not get sweaty and dirty too soon. You also have to maintain the tidiness of your clothes and wash them regularly. When you are going on a date, make sure to put effort into the choice of your outfit instead of just putting on the first thing you see in the wardrobe – this will show your girlfriend that you care about her and your time together.
  • Handsome face. This does not mean that your face has to be perfect and flawless, like on the magazine cover. Just take care of your skin and shave regularly. Also, visit the dentist often so your smile can stay attractive. The smile is the most important attribute when it comes to physical attraction. It does wonders and can make every person look more beautiful. And when you genuinely smile a lot while spending time with your girlfriend, she will be smitten by you, and consider you the most handsome human being in the world.
  • Muscles. While it is not the first priority for women, and muscles alone will not guarantee you a successful relationship, you should really take care of your body and go to the gym at least once in a while. It is very healthy not only for your body but also for your mind and soul.
  • Height. Some women like it when the men are at least slightly taller than them because they enjoy feeling smaller. But, just like the previous attribute, this is not a priority for all women. Not all of them will mind your height – your personality is way more important.
  • Good health. Every human needs to take care of themselves by exercising regularly, eating healthy food, and getting rid of bad habits like smoking or drinking. Strong health will really help you out in daily situations, not mentioning that you will look more refreshed and less tired.

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These were the main qualities in men that attract women! Feel free to add something if you feel like the list is incomplete. We want you to become a man that everyone would aspire to be like!

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