You're Nigeria's number 1 enemy - Group tells Obasanjo

You're Nigeria's number 1 enemy - Group tells Obasanjo

- An organisation has described former president Olusegun Obasanjo as Nigeria's number one enemy

- The organisation said the elder statesman has succeeded in turning himself against the people of Nigeria

- According to Coalition for Change in Nigeria, Obasanjo reportedly ran the country as an imperial emperor is now vocal against the current government

A civil society organisation has accused a former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, of being Nigeria's number one enemy.

The group, Coalition for Change in Nigeria while reacting to various remarks by the former president on the political space said the elder statesman has succeded in turning himself against the people of Nigeria.

CFCN said Obasanjo reportedly ran the country as an imperial emperor is now vocal against the current government.

Speaking at a press briefing in Abuja on Tuesday, August 7, the secretary general of the group, Jonathan Ogwuche reacting to Obasanjo's recent statement that he sacrificed for Nigeria and would not be deterred by an kind of intimidation said the former president has equally inappropriate interventions that actively placed him in the arena of partisan politics.

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Ogwuche said while the former president has the right to participate in the affairs of the country, he does not have the moral ground to make such intrusions.

He said: "Here was a man that ran the country as an imperial emperor. He warned his then vice president that it was a presidency and not a co-presidency, which was his own crude reminder that he was not amenable to entertaining inputs from his then deputy."

"It was this attitude of his that created the mindset that a deputy is a spare tire, a situation that set the foundation for the many acrimonious relationship between governors and their deputies across many states and one that has continued to plague the nation till now.

He equally negated the ability of citizens to contribute because any attempt to do so means the anti-corruption agencies would be sent after the person or any other form of crisis is contrived to keep such an individual busy.

Obasanjo is so allergic to criticism that he declared he was not obliged to consider the advice offered by his appointed advisers, which was because he saw some of their genuine inputs as a question mark on his capabilities as a leader. Not that he was much of a leader anyway.

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Thirdly, nothing in Nigeria’s modern history has depicted the concept of a dog returning to its vomit as Obasanjo and his theatrics about quitting partisan politics.

Since he successfully destroyed the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and made a show of tearing his membership card, he has continued to explore face saving avenues to return to partisan politics because he has since discovered that he lacks what it takes to be an elder statesman, one that will guide the upcoming generations aright without servicing his banal interests," Ogwuche said.

The coalition further warn Nigerians and the international community that the former president is acting to destroy the country and cannot be trusted.

The coalition also said that steps must be taken to curb such excesses whenever they cross the bounds of legality.

"We urge the right-thinking sections of the population to henceforth disregard him. He should be allowed to talk only to himself for his delusion has attained that phase.

We have the duty, as citizens, to hold the government accountable; but we will trivialize that all important assignment if we allow Obasanjo, or his proxies, to lead the charge. We must begin to look within our ranks for those that will speak truth to power but certainly not someone that once did his utmost to wreck the country," Ogwuche added.

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Meanwhile, previously reported that Obasanjo had said that no level of threats and intimidation will make him abandon his clamour for a better Nigeria.

The former president said no right thinking Nigeria would be satisfied with the situation of the country at the moment.

He also said that he had made sacrifices for the nation, fighting to defend the country during the civil war and even being sent to jail over a phantom coup allegation.

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