If you can afford it, these 10 countries can sell citizenship to you

If you can afford it, these 10 countries can sell citizenship to you

While so many countries offer citizenship the hard way, some have opted to make the process of acquiring their citizenship so easy: Just get rich and buy it outright.

Perhaps you don’t know, money doesn't just buy a glamorous vacation in the United States, Dubai, and so on, it can also buy citizenship too.

As citizenship becomes a commodity offered for sale, you don’t need to go through any bureaucratic process or spend donkey years languishing as a mere non-citizen resident in the country of your interest before you acquire the citizenship. Isn’t that cool?

Data from Knight Frank’s Attitudes Survey reveals that 34% of ultra high-net-worth individuals already hold a second passport and 29% are planning to purchase one, while 21% are considering emigrating permanently.

Apart from being a sign of affluence, getting second or third or multiple citizenships has also become a strategic way of planning for eventualities in one’s home country.

For instance, the BBC reported that events including the decision by Britain to leave the European Union and the 2016 US Presidential election are driving new interests the citizens of the two countries to acquire another citizenship.

Here is a list of countries that offer their citizenship for sales and the prices:

If you can afford it, these 10 countries can sell citizenship to you

Countries that offer citizenship for sale and the costs. Credit: Bloomberg

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