Beautiful baby who was born blind Kensley Ayanna clocks one (photos)

Beautiful baby who was born blind Kensley Ayanna clocks one (photos)

Little Kensley Ayanna is now one! Despite being born with a rare genetic disorder known as Anophthalamia, little Kensley was able to scale through all odds and celebrate the first year of her life.

The rare genetic disorder had caused the little girl to be born blind but her parents Kiara Scott and Kyle Slaughter decided to be strong for her and raise her to be a happy child. had reported that Kensley's mother had created a ten thousand dollars gofundme campaign for her and it ended up raising fourteen thousand dollars.

Kensley who was born on March 15, 2017, celebrated her first birthday this year, on Thursday, March 15.

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The little girl is obviously having the time of her life. She has been pictured in several photos having fun and smiling to the fullest.

On her birthday Kensley's mother gushed about how strong her daughter is. She expressed that she had mixed emotions when she first found out about Kensley's disorder, adding that none of it matters now.

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Kiara who further noted that Kensley has been strong, stated that she is glad that God chose her to be Kensley's mother.

Read post below: "March15th 2017 Kensley Ayanna was born ! On that day I carried so many mixed emotions which at this point doesn't even matter! I'm not in that place anymore I love my daughter beyond words every fear I had for those first couple of months are long gone ! You exceed expectations. It was so much info they gave us and it didn't sound good at alll honestly. BUT you showed out KENZ .you surprise anyone who has ever worked with you . They love your courage and determination. Your no different daughter and don't let anyone tell you ,you are ! Your me and to the world . You bring joy and laughter into every room you enter. I honestly would'nt have you any other way . You are who you are! smart, funny, happy , playful ,fearless, inspirational and so much more ! I love you daughter and I'm glad God chose me to be your mom! Now let's change the world ❤️ ***Party This Weekend ** #RockingDots #firstbirthday #oneyearold #Baby #cupcakes #smile #ellenratemybaby #blindbeauty."

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