Most profitable business in Nigeria in 2018

Most profitable business in Nigeria in 2018

There is still half a year in 2018 to think about the most profitable business in Nigeria and even start your own business. With the population that would soon reach 200 million people, the country has numerous opportunities and many potential customers who will choose your services and help you earn incredible profit.

Most profitable business in Nigeria 2018

Lucrative business in Nigeria

Many Nigerians wish to find their niche, create a company or become an individual businessperson and earn millions of Naira per day. However, only several people actually manage to realize such dreams, because not every person is capable of finding an idea for a good business in Nigeria and develop the company into a huge and successful corporation.

When you find an idea for your perfect business that is both lucrative and can be successful, you need to work on it and turn it into a profitable business in Nigeria.

Top 15 business opportunities in Nigeria

We want to list some of the coolest ideas you can use. You will see that starting a business in Nigeria is easy, but developing it into something incredible is complicated. You have to fall in love with what you are doing. You have to work day and night on finding consumers and make a name. You will need to turn the company into your brand that is famous, recognized, loved, and demanded by Nigerians.

Ok, let us list the business opportunities that would work in Nigeria in 2018. We are sure you will select something for your heart and soul.

Profitable business ideas in Nigeria 2018

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1. Original and high-quality furniture

Are you creative? Are you good at designin? Can you make furniture? You can combine all these qualities and create amazing, exclusive, and contemporary collections.

Offer beautiful, up-to-date, and high-quality pieces, and people will choose only your creations. There is even no need to be a carpenter yourself. You can find reliable and professional carpenters in your hometown and offer their pieces of furniture for sale. Just create an attractive showroom and search for customers who wish to purchase furniture and stunning design from you.

You can choose these ideas for your creativity. Make unusual children’s furniture with unicorns, cactuses, pineapples, ponies, and other popular designs. Offer elegance to adults. Provide an excellent customer service, and you will succeed.

Dry cleaning

2. Dry cleaning

This niche is a good idea of a profitable business in Nigeria in 2018. Right now, there are not too many professional companies that are willing to perform dry cleaning at affordable prices.

This business is not expensive to start. You have to stay professional and love what you are doing because many Nigerians would be more than happy to use the dry cleaning from responsible individuals and small companies that can keep their fees lower compared to big ones.

Expensive dry cleaning is already present in the market, but millions of families with lower income can be your clients if you can offer similar professional services at affordable cost.

3. Promotional/Ad company

The markets in Nigeria develop and grow. There are many companies (big and small) that wish to reach their audience from all corners of the country and find new potential customers, and this is possible with the help of the Internet.

You can create your own promotional company or advertising agency and work online to promote private firms and their services.

The quick spreading of the Internet widens the choices for both individuals and companies. Digital marketing is a perfect niche for your own lucrative business and it can help you earn more than enough money for a happy life.

Lucrative business in Nigeria 2018

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4. Car wash company

The number of families that can afford a car is growing in Nigeria. With over 195 million people, our country has huge opportunities for individual businesspersons who wish to earn money and are searching for interesting business ideas.

You can wash cars, and make vehicle owners happy. You will earn money, and they will save their time. Become a professional and attract customers. Offer professional service and affordable prices, and you can reach success in this niche.

5. Agriculture

Nigeria has all the opportunities for agriculture development. This sector can bring you great profit if you find your niche. How can you become wealthy? Everything depends on what you like to do and what you can do as a business:

  • Harvest cassava – this can be your awesome farming idea and potentially make you wealthy if you are able to rent up to 100 acres (make sure the areas are fertile).
  • Farm poultry – those who know how to grow birds and farm these animals can make a good profit in Nigeria and build a successful business.
  • Grow rice – rice is a popular product in Nigeria and other countries (especially, in Asia). You can grow rice locally and make it your successful business with thousands of dollars of revenue per week.
  • Rear snails – the popularity of snails make some people create their own farms and grow these creatures to resell them to the markets, hotels, and cafes and earn good money.

6. Clean water

Drinking fresh and clean water has become popular in our country and becomes even more popular day after day. More and more people, including Nigerians, choose to live a healthy lifestyle.

Those of you who have enough money to invest in the production of pure water in bottles can implement this business idea and make a good profit from it. Of course, the investments have to be huge, but they will pay for themselves if you are a real professional and research this sphere before you start your own company.

Best business in Nigeria 2018

7. Consultations on social media

As the Internet becomes more and more popular in our everyday life, the role of social media grows tremendously. Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms have grown into major sources of making money.

Different companies begin to create and develop their own social accounts, and they need professionals who can consult them in this sphere. If you are good at this, offer your services and start owing good money, while this is extremely popular and highly demanded.

8. Fresh and delicious juice production

Which niche can potentially make you thousands of Naira? Think about delicious juices. Nigerians love to drink different beverages. If you have money to invest in something that can bring profit, you can start your own production of juices.

9. Waste management

The whole world has to think about the environment and how to improve it. You can think of ecology and start one of the most profitable business in Nigeria. We are talking about waste management.

It is not a secret that many African countries produce too much trash and throw it on the streets and into the rivers. Celebrities and famous people announce numerous campaigns aimed at waste management and you can follow this wave as well.

Start collecting waste and recycle them. You will earn money and help make our planet a better and safer place to live. It very nice to save nature and make good money.

Top business to start in Nigeria in 2018

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10. Dropshipping

This is an awesome niche that requires your time and energy and can bring you good money. You can find medium, small and big companies that import or produce popular goods and sell their products to your customers.

You will earn money and the company whose goods you successfully sell will ship the products to your consumers. It is an interesting idea because you can offer tons of goods and products to people from all over Nigeria, search for potential customers and earn profit (since you can offer your own prices that are higher than the producer’s cost).

11. Making paper bags

Plastic is a dangerous product for our planet and many countries have decided to minimize or stop using plastic bags and other things and instead choose paper bags. They are more environmental-friendly and production of such bags can become your top business idea in Nigeria.

If you have some money, learn more about the production of ‘ecological’ bags, gain the necessary knowledge, and start producing your own paper bags.

Nursery business in Nigeria 2018

12. Nursery services

Young families often have to work to make their living, and they are in search of reliable and trusted nursery schools and centers. Such a business can help you earn more and solve the problem a lot of Nigerian families experience if they have little children.

Of course, opening your own nursery school is not that easy. You need to have proper education, experience, innovative idea, a place where kids will stay, etc. You have to think about different educational programs so that children can study as they play with you.

If you are serious enough about this business idea, you can make it a profitable business and earn good money.

13. Tutoring via the Internet

The life flies so fast that many of us have no time to learn something new, attend a physical school, go many bus stops to study, develop and attend courses.

Those of us who have some talents and knowledge can share it through online tutoring. Such classes cost money, and there are many Nigerians out there who have no spare time to spend on trips around the city but would be happy to study via the Internet.

What are people willing to study in 2018? Programming, coding, copywriting, drawing vector images, making websites, languages – these are just some lucrative ideas you can take advantage of.

Real estate business in Nigeria 2018

14. Property/Real estate

Some business opportunities in Nigeria are more expensive, others are less expensive. If you wish to work with property and get connected with the real estate industry, you will need some really great investments. While this business idea needs a lot of money, it is still a lucrative option that can make you wealthy and very successful.

15. Designing

You surely know some amazing names in Nigerian fashion sphere. You can also achieve success in this industry, or choose something that is also related to designing clothing, furniture, products, characters for computer games, etc.

The designing sphere is so huge. There are so many incredible and lucrative ideas that will let you build a profitable and successful company. You will start earning enough to live happily in Nigeria. You just need to find your niche in design, believe in yourself and your talent and find your customers.

Doing a profitable business in Nigeria can be a difficult task. However, if you use an exclusive and lucrative idea, you have more chances of earning good profit and making your business recognizable and loved by millions of people.

Follow the trends, discover new original ideas and be creative. We are sure you can succeed in taking this challenge and you will change your life for the better.

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