How to toast a girl on phone

How to toast a girl on phone

Everyone gets nervous when someone they really like is calls. If you have this girl you are interested in and you are anxious at the thought of talking to her on the phone, this little guide is for you. Learn how to toast a girl on phone and make her call you again and again!

How to toast a girl on the phone

How to toast a girl you already know on the phone

The phone is a tricky thing: you cannot see the face of the person, but sometimes it makes you more nervous than chatting with them face-to-face. However, in fact, there is nothing too difficult about having a conversation with a cute girl on the phone. It is basically the same thing as talking to your friend.

Of course, easier said than done, but you need to stay calm and not show her that you are nervous. If you are calling just to talk to her or want to invite her on a date, you should not worry, because worrying will not change the outcome. And if you are confident, chances are that she will want to call you next time. In this article, you will learn how to toast a girl you like and make her accept your calls with pleasure, instead of rolling her eyes every time your name appears on the screen.

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How to toast a girl: phone edition

You can also send a toasting a girl message, but of course, she will appreciate hearing your voice more if she really likes you. So, if you still want to know how to toast a lady on the phone and have the memorable conversations with her, you should read these tips, memorize them, and follow them every time you call her.

Girl on phone

Working up the courage to call

Stage one is working up the courage to call. Just remember that she will not bite – even if you call her at the wrong time, she will most definitely just tell you to call her later. See the next steps to find out how to approach a lady on the phone:

  • First of all, before calling her, you should know the exact reason why you want to talk to her. If you already know this girl and she enjoys being around you, you can call to ask her out. If you feel like you are not ready to ask this girl on a date, you can offer her to spend more time with the company of your friends. Invite her with her other friends if she feels more comfortable this way. In case this girl is someone who you want to know better, you can remember a conversation that you had and just call to discuss this topic further. For instance, you can talk about the book she recommended, telling her that you have enjoyed it. If you are studying together, you may talk about the latest project. It is really important that you have a reason to call her; otherwise, you will just end up rambling about random stuff and waste her time.
  • Remember to pick a good time to call the girl. If you vaguely know her schedule, for example, that she is working at noon, call her in the evening not to distract her from work. Try to call during free hours, but not too late at night – it is simply the rule of basic etiquette. Make sure that she is not in hurry – always ask her if she is comfortable to talk right now. If this girl is somebody you have met not so long ago, it will be in your best interests to call her as soon as possible – usually, a day or two after you met. You should still be fresh on her mind; in another case, she will not recognize you and question why you have taken so long to call her. Perhaps she is thinking about you too, and waiting for your call?
  • Sometimes, you may not be sure when the girl is able to talk. Just send her a text message asking if she is free later so you can call her or tell her the exact time you will be calling her, to give her a heads up. If you get a text from her, do not waste the opportunity – if she texts you first, it looks like she is interested in you, so tell her that you want to call her in a couple of minutes if she is free.
  • If she is not answering, do not annoy her with calls. Instead, clarify when it will be the suitable time to call her again. And in general, calling her five times a day when she is not your girlfriend yet is not recommended, or she will think you are pushy and grow tired of you.
  • It is okay to be nervous if this is your first time talking to this girl and you really like her. Take a few deep breaths to calm down. You will make the best impression on the girl if you do not show your worries and just talk casually and confidently.

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Starting a conversation

The second stage is starting a conversation with the girl. This is where the fun starts – you get a chance to make a long-lasting impression on her.

  • The first step is greeting her in a warm and friendly way. Do not greet her with cheap pick-up lines or anything that indicates your desire to get into a relationship with her – take it slowly. If you know each other quite well, you should say hello and identify yourself in case she does not have your number in her contacts yet. For instance, say “Hey Mary, this is Adam. How are you doing?”. However, if you have met just recently, there is a high chance that she may not recognize you straight away, so it is important to remind her who you are and where she met you. Say “Hey Mary, this is Adam. We met at the festival yesterday”. Of course, if you have already sent her a heads-up message that you will call her, you do not need to present yourself.
  • Talk about things she is interested in. The basic topics, like the weather, are not going to get carved deeply into her memory and impress her. She will be pleased if you start asking her about her hobbies and interests, instead of talking about yours – it shows that you are engaged in her life. For instance, if she is a huge fan of baseball, you can ask her about the game last night. If she had a test yesterday, ask her how it went. Your questions have to radiate genuine interest, and not just be out of politeness. It is easier if you have some hobbies or know some people in common – you will both have a chance to talk, and the conversation will get more natural.
  • Is your conversation getS boring, as she only replies “yes” or “no”? A little useful tip for you – ask her questions that will require a more detailed answer. They will most definitely lead to a further conversation, while the simple “yes-no” questions will block it and make you stuck. She is probably just as nervous as you are, so take the initiative into your own hands. For instance, instead of asking her if she enjoyed a certain movie, ask what her favorite things about it were, or which moment/character/setting she liked the most.
  • Always listen to her carefully. Of course, you are eager to impress the woman with your smooth-talking. But if she will not be able to say anything over you, she will feel insecure and definitely will not express a desire to talk to you again. So, give her an opportunity to speak and let out her thoughts. She will know that her opinion truly matters to you. If she is telling you a funny story, do not be completely silent – you can laugh at it, or ask “Really?” when she makes a pause, so she knows that you are following. Do not be afraid to ask short questions on the subject during her speech, but do not interrupt her either. Just go along with her pace and try to balance talking with listening.
  • Get to your point. It is amazing if you two are having an interesting and meaningful conversation, but do not get lost in rambles too much. After a small talk, you can tell her why you decided to call. Most women will appreciate you being direct with them. For instance, you can say that you wanted to hang out with her tomorrow or ask if you can borrow this book from her that you talked about the last time. Do not be too pushy – if she says she has other plans, tell her that maybe next time you will be able to spend time together.

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Flirting as the main tool

The third stage is flirting over the phone. This is a very tricky subject, and it depends on the woman and how well you know her. Some will like it when you flirt with them, while some will think that you are moving too fast. Either way, if you want to attempt flirting, here are a few tips:

  • You should start with deepening your voice. We all have different voices, but it is proven that when the men are trying to flirt, it mostly works better when their voices sound deep, and not timid or squeaky. Try to make your voice lower – this will help in sounding more confident and certain of yourself. Still, make sure that you are speaking loudly and distinctly enough and she can hear every word of yours.
  • Do not speak quickly. Some people, when they are nervous, have a bad habit of talking too quickly, and the conversation becomes messy. If you really want to sound flirty, you should try and slow down the speed of your speech. This will add your voice a little confidence and distinction.
  • Give her compliments. Every girl loves when she is being complimented. You can make her feel great about herself by offering nice words of support and encouragement. Tell her about the things you like and admire about her. Try not to make it sound too cheesy because all the power of compliments will be lost and she will think you are only flattering her to get into a relationship. You should try your best to sound natural and genuine. For instance, you can compliment on how great she looked the other day in that beautiful dress. But do not focus too much on appearance, or she will decide you like her only for her beauty. Focus on her kindness, sense of humor, intelligence, and the way she makes you feel when you are around her.
  • Talk about the light topics. When you are flirting with the girl on the phone, do not complain to her about your life problems, or talk about heavy topics like politics. If you are always negative about the smallest things, she may not want to talk you again.

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A positive ending of the call

When you have discussed all the daily topics, it will be appropriate to end the call. Read how to do properly:

  • Tell the girl that you really enjoyed talking to her. Make sure that she is aware of how much you liked talking to her and appreciated your time on the phone. Tell her that you enjoyed your conversation a lot and that you are looking forward to talking to her again in the future. You can also say “this conversation was amazing. Perhaps we could continue it face-to-face tomorrow?” if you want to ask her on a date in a casual way.
  • Finalize the plans you have made with her. If your call was for a reason, clarify all the details before you end the conversation. For instance, if you have asked the girl on a date, and she was up to it, you should agree when and where you are going to meet. If you have not made any plans, you should still mention when you will see her next. Does she work or study with you? Tell her you will see her tomorrow at work or university. Do you have mutual friends? Say that you are looking forward to seeing her at your friend’s birthday party, where you want to talk to her more.
  • Say goodbye sincerely. When the conversation is over, you should politely say goodbye instead of just hanging up on her. Wish her a good day or a good night or casually say “take care” or “see you later”. If you are sincere with her, she will feel that you mean your words.

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A charming woman on the phone

You should also remember the important thing: if a girl likes you and is interested in talking to you, this is fine, and you should continue reaching out to her. But if she's clearly not interested and keeps declining your calls, do not bombard her with them or she will only think that you are creepy.

It does not mean that she considers you a bad guy – perhaps she just does not see you romantically, or you have different goals and purposes in life. Just let her go and move on instead of consistently invading her personal space. There are thousands of beautiful and kind girls around you and you will definitely find the one who will like you back.

This was a guide on toasting a girl on the phone. We hope that you will charm the girl you are interested in! Good luck to you!

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