Most handsome man in the world: Mr. World and scientific beauty parameters

Most handsome man in the world: Mr. World and scientific beauty parameters

There are so many good-looking men on the planet, so the task to name the most handsome man in the world seems almost impossible. People have their own tastes when it comes to appearance, and beauty is a very subjective notion. We have analyzed many sources and want to share with you the names of handsome men who can be called the most attractive and bright in the world. Check them in our post and decide yourself who of them fits your tastes as well.

Most handsome man in the world

If to start asking different people what man, actor, and celebrity can be called the most handsome in the world there will be so many answers, so you hardly could make a list of top 1000. Opinions differ.

Who is the most handsome man in the world now

We would like to start from the recognized good-looker. You probably have heard about the beauty contest called Mister World. Keep reading to find out the mane of the man who holds the title of the most beautiful according to this contest.

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The contest Mr. World was founded in 1996 and is held every two years. The beauty contest is sponsored by the Miss World Organization. The previous winner in 2014 was the Dane Niklas Pedersen, a carpenter from Copenhagen. The final of the last international male beauty contest Mr. World took place in 2016 in the United Kingdom. The first time in the history the title of the most handsome man on the planet was given to Mr India.

Rohit Khandelwal
Rohit Khandelwal, photo from

The 26-year-old actor and model Rohit Khandelwal shook the competent jury with his spectacular appearance, good physical shape, and also intelligence and the will to win.

Rohit Khandelwal received a cash prize of $50,000. Rohit says that he does not yet fully believe in his luck and hopes that a prestigious title will help him make a star career in the movie industry. His dreams are not limited by Bollywood, he wants to build a successful career in Hollywood.

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The first runner-up in the contest was 21-year-old handsome Fernando Alvarez from Puerto Rico and the second runner-up 26-year-old Aldo Espartza Ramirez from Mexico.

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Aldo Espartza Ramirez, Rohit Khandelwal, and Fernando Alvarez
Aldo Espartza Ramirez, Rohit Khandelwal, and Fernando Alvarez; photo from

The most handsome men in the world according to science

You will be shocked but science also can tell us a lot about the most handsome male object in the world. Hollywood star George Clooney was validated as the man with the most handsome face in the world. Are you asking yourself in what way his face was validated? Scientists have studied the faces of the world’s celebrities using both old school golden ratio standards and advanced computer technologies, and in such a way they have created the list of top 10 most handsome male faces in the world.

George Clooney
George Clooney, photo from

If you don’t know what the golden ratio is, we will explain you this notion briefly. It is a mathematical ratio based on the Fibonacci sequence and is known also as the beauty phi. Leonardo Da Vinci used the golden ration for many of his works. People faces and bodies closest to the golden ration can be called the most aesthetically pleasing.

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Using the calculation of the golden ratio, a plastic surgeon named Dr De Silva from The Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery has created a special computer programme to measure human body and face. The measurement applies to all parts of the human face – eyes, nose, eyebrows, lips, chins. In other words, the programme analyzes human face and determines if it is aesthetic perfect.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt, photo from

Returning to the list of top 10 most attractive man according to scientifically proven standards, all faces and names are familiar to you:

  1. George Clooney (scored an impressive 91.86%)
  2. Bradley Cooper (overall score of 91.80%)
  3. Brad Pitt (score of 90.51%)
  4. Harry Styles (89.63%)
  5. David Beckham (scored 88.96% overall)
  6. Will Smith (he scored 88.88%)
  7. Idris Elba (score of 87.93%)
  8. Ryan Gosling (a golden ratio score of 87.48%)
  9. Zayn Malik (his score is 86.5%)
  10. Jamie Foxx (overall score of 85.46%)

The person who unfortunately didn’t make a list but definitely should be mentioned is Prince William. His nose was scored the third world’s most handsome.

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Marlon Brando
Marlon Brando, photo from

The most handsome man ever lived

If you will ask searching engine about the most handsome men ever lived on the planet, you will meet different compilations. We have analyzed them and in particular the list from the site where people vote and created the list for you. Some of these men are in better world already; some are still pleasing our eyes with their beauty. So, who are these eye-catching men?

  1. Marlon Brando (American actor, 1924-2004)
  2. Brad Pitt (Hollywood actor, 1963)
  3. Paul Newman (American actor, 1925-2008)
  4. Rob Lowe (American actor, 1964)
  5. Leonardo DiCaprio (Hollywood actor, 1974)
  6. Tom Cruise (Hollywood actor, 1962)
  7. Matt Bomer (American actor, 1977)
  8. David Beckham (Football legend, 1975)
  9. Imran Abbas Naqvi (Actor, model, singer from Pakistan, 1982)
  10. James Dean (American actor, 1931-1955)

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Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise, photo from

Most handsome man on earth – Top 10

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This list is created on the same principle as the list mentioned above. Many compilations list pretty the same names. These men originate from different countries and have various occupations. So, here they are, 10 most handsome men according to different sources:

  1. Tom Cruise (famous Hollywood actor)
  2. Justin Trudeau (a politician from Canada and the current Prime Minister)
  3. Chris Evans (Captain America “Avengers”, popular Hollywood actor)
  4. Hrithik Roshan (the most celebrated Bollywood actor)
  5. Omar Borkan Al Gala (this man was at one time allegedly sent away from the Saudi Arabia Kingdom because he was recognized too handsome and attractive)
  6. Godfrey Gao (the most handsome man in Taiwan, model and actor)
  7. Salman Khan (Indian actor and producer)
  8. Noah Mills (Canadian actor and model)
  9. Brad Pitt (The list of most handsome men is not complete without one of the most handsome Hollywood actors)
  10. Prince William (this charming and handsome Prince does not need additional introduction)

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My personal favorites

I am a lady too, and I have my own golden ratio when it comes to male appearance. If you would ask me personally about the most handsome men on the planet I would say that they are Davido, Channing Tatum, Will Smith, Daniel Kaluuya, Tom Hiddleston, and Charlie Hunnam. It was my humble opinion. Feel free to tell us about the man who is the most handsome in your opinion but wasn’t mentioned in our post.

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