Nigerian man prepares a perfect surprise proposal to former workmate

Nigerian man prepares a perfect surprise proposal to former workmate

- They met for the first time at his former workplace

- She caught his eyes from the very beginning

- Love has brought them closer than ever

Knowing just how well Westlife’s Flying without Wings mirrors the human need to find a better half; someone to love and cherish, a Nigerian man put this song to good use as he proposed to his heartthrob in a well put together romantic setup.

The man who goes by the name Mofeyifoluwa Adepitan put a ring on the hands of a colleague he had the privilege to first meet at his former workplace.

According to him, he met the said lady, Fayokemi Akintunde, on August 5th, 2016 and “And I fell in love with her heart!”

"I met Fayokemi at my former office; on the 5th of August, 2016. And I fell in love with her heart! She was Selfless to a fault; she has a heart that can accommodate the world! And thankfully, it was mutual (smiles). But I wanted to be sure before I asked her on a date. So I told God how I felt about the pretty miss and the action I wanted to take; and he was like 'why not?"

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After a successful relationship which began on January 20th, 2017 and went on for 18 months, Mofeyifolouwa finally decided to ask Fayokemi to become his wife.

To make the proposal nothing short of eventful, the man in question, with the help of a proposal planner, decided to surprise her with the proposal on the day she was having a lunch date with a mutual friend simply identified as Titi.

At a planned moment, a singer and friend of Mofeyifoluwa walked up to the now engaged lady singing Westlife’s Flying without Wings and holding up a rose flower to her.

Surprised, she followed the sonorous voice up the stairs only to find other friends and her fiancé waiting for a yes from her.

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To say the least, she gave the much anticipated answer and signed up for a forever affair with a man who was once a colleague at work.

Read the account of the proposal below:

"Fayokemi had a lunch date with our mutual friend Titi at @Yellochilli Ikeja after church. I and a few friends had arrived before them and hidden in another space upstairs.

One of my friends; that she didn't know (who sings really well ) went downstairs to bring her to the proposal spot... He was singing "Flying without wings" by West life. At first, she thought it was for someone else and was really shocked when the guy came to her table holding out a rose flower.

She followed him upstairs and met our other friends... holding flowers and cards. We also had our old pictures on the wall. Well, to say the least, I was really excited when she said "Yes!” to forever with me!"

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Several well-wishers and friends have showed their support for these colleagues now turned couple via their Instagram pages.

So, it would seem this is yet another wedding jingle coming from Mofeyifoluwa and Fayokemi.

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