Osun Osogbo festival in 2018: date and history

Osun Osogbo festival in 2018: date and history

We all are waiting for the Osun Osogbo festival in Nigeria. This is a very important time for the people of Osogbo Land, today it is an internationally known event. We are happy to tell you about the history and date of celebration.

Osun Osogbo festival 2018 date and history

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Osun Osogbo festival history

Osun Osogbo festival 2018 is going to start on 18 August, we are waiting for this date. Let’s remind of some details from the history of the festival.

Osun-Osgogbo festival is an annual event that is celebrated in August at the time of grow. Thousands of Osun worshippers take pilgrimage to the forest every year, spectators and tourists also love to visit this event.

People of Osogbo Land consider August as a celebration month, traditionally it was a time of cultural reunion with ancestors and great founders of Osogbo Kingdom. The events of the festival last two weeks.

The festival has a history of more than 700 years. The story behind the Osun Osogbo festival is about a group of people who were led by a great hunter. The group decided to settle on the bank of the river, to save themselves from famine. Once Osun the goddess appeared from the water in front of Olutimehin (a leading hunter).

Osun Osogbo festival 2018 date and history

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She requested him to lead people to a special place (present Osogbo town). Osun promised to protect all the group and bring them prosperity if they would offer an annual sacrifice to her in return. The group accepted the proposition. Today the annual sacrifices to the river are known internationally as a cultural event that attracts people from different counties.

The celebration begins with Iwopopo, a big cleaning procession of the town. After three days special people light the 600-year-old lamp. The next step of the festival is Iboriade, the ceremony when all the crowns of Ataojas or past kings assembled and are blessed by the Arugba, Ataoja of Osogbo and the Yeye Osun.

A key figure of the whole festival is Arugba or Calabash carrier, she holds the Osun calabash on her head. The sacrifice for the goddess is contained in Calabash. Arugba is also seen as a goddess and she brings the calabash on her head to the river.

Osun Osogbo festival 2018 date and history

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Susanne Wenger played an important role in the popularization of this festival. From the early 1950’s she works on the restoration of cultural elements of the festival. She was an Austrian born artist who made over 75 sculptures of local gods, she worked to save the sacred groves around the secret river.

Osun Osogbo festival in our days

Toady Osun Osogbo festival is the world-wide known celebration and great cultural invent. Even first-time visitors can find a lot of interesting attractions and activities, there are games, trade fairs and other fun activities. See also: Festivals in Nigeria and where they are celebrated.

Today you can see people from different countries at the festival, they want to learn more about this ancient culture. We must not forget that this festival is an important religious ritual for lots people. They believe in the power of the goddess and give her their prayers, offerings and wait for her mercy.

Osun Osogbo festival 2018 date and history

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The aesthetics of the Osun Osogbo festival includes a musical performance, dancing, drumming, recitation of praise poetry, wearing elaborate costumes and so on.

The festival brings great benefit to the tourism sector of Nigeria. Another important role of the festival is that it serves as a unifying factor in Osogboland. People from different social, religious, economic and political groups come together to celebrate the goddess fastival.

Everyone is welcomed, see you at the festival.

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