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Young lady blasts Nigerian men, calls them dimwits

Young lady blasts Nigerian men, calls them dimwits

Once bitten, twice shy, so goes a popular saying! But when a person is bitten one too many times, such person goes beyond being shy to totally discrediting whoever and whatever has caused the scars.

This might have been the case with a particular lady who took to Twitter to air her disapproving views about Nigerian men. The woman identified as @loladesue did not spare any words as she launched a spiting attack at the men in question through heated words.

According to her, Nigerian men are “unexposed, belligerent, unteachable desperately unrepentant dimwits.” Such a bitter remark might have been inspired by experience.

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This statement does not only insinuate the fact that she wants nothing to do with Nigerian men, it is also highly suggestive of the fact that she urges other women to steer clear of them.

Going forward, the lady who owns a fashion store outside the country, expressed a show of sympathy for women who are currently dating Nigerian men.

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She lets out this sympathy with a strong disregard for every average Nigerian men:

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As expected, Nigerians are not letting this comment pass and they are equally having it out with @loladesue on Twitter.

Most Nigerian men have attributed her opinion to gross indiscipline and her long stay over seas. Some women, however, supported her claim, saying men are just as she says they are.

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