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How to check admission status on CAPS

How to check admission status on CAPS

Now that the new school year is just a month away, you would probably want to find out how to check admission status on CAPS, so that you can get into a university of your choice. If you do want to learn how to check admission status using JAMB CAPS, then you have come to the right place, as we can tell you all about it. It is really simple!

How to check admission status on CAPS

How to check admission status on JAMB CAPS

If you applied to a university this year, chances are, you know what JAMB CAPS is and how to use it to check admission status. However, if you would like a little crash course on how to check admission status in JAMB, we will gladly help you out.

Here is how you can check admission status (JAMB):

  1. First, you need to go to We recommend you to use a PC for this, but if you can only use your phone, avoid using Opera Mini.
  2. When the website loads, log in using the e-mail and password you used while registering for JAMB. If you cannot remember your password, you can reset it using the link below the login form.
  3. Once you have logged in, you should be able to see the portal’s home page. If you are on mobile and the screen is empty, switch to desktop view.
  4. On the left side of the screen, you should be able to see the menu. Find the Admission Status tab and click on it.
  5. The Admission Status page contains your profile and admission profile. In your profile, you can find such information as your name, registration number, gender, date of birth, state of origin and UTME score. In the admission profile, you can find your institution and course of choice, the UTME subjects combination and the Admission Status.
  6. Now, this is the most important part. If your admission status says ‘Congratulations, you have been offered admission’, you have two options: accept or reject admission. Think carefully, as both options are irreversible.
How to check admission status

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  • You can accept admission by clicking the respective button if you are certain that this is the institution you want to study at. Once you do that, your admission status will change to ‘Congratulations, you have accepted admission’.
  • You can reject admission by clicking the ‘Reject Admission’ button if you expect to be admitted into a different institution, but the choice is yours to make.

If your admission status says ‘Not Admitted’, ‘Admission in progress, check back later’, something else, or there is nothing at all, do not worry. This might mean that the admission is still pending, which is why you should not press anything and just come back to this page regularly to check whether anything has changed.

What you should know about JAMB CAPS


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JAMB CAPS stands for Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Central Admission Processing System. It is a convenient way to connect prospective students with institutions of their choice, creating a ‘marketplace’, where the admission process is transparent and involves both parties.

With the help of JAMB CAPS, institutions can find students that meet their cut off mark requirements, and prospective students can find out whether they have been admitted to the school of their choice from the comfort of their homes. The system makes the process more efficient and beneficial for all.

And that is how you can use JAMB CAPS to check your admission status, as well as accept/reject admission. We hope that you get into the school you have dreamed about and that CAPS gives you that coveted ‘Congratulations, you have been offered admission’ message!

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